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Aug-02-2018 Categories: news

Made a new capital (Kinesis) recently, so I still accept about a anniversary until I can alpha accepting my CRA set (and added for my faf wep). I should be able to get the broadcast AbsoLab weapon and I'm apprehensive how abundant "worse" it is than Fafnir.

I apperceive the affair that holds the chargeless weapon aback so abundant is that it's ashore at 12*s, but it's still 40 added abject mAtt (241 vs. 201) and 20 added INT, not to acknowledgment college blaze stats (t6 mAtt is 9% added added mAtt, and it just gets added because of the college abject mAtt) and college (although not as significant) abeyant rolls.

I'm not gonna accept the mesos to get my Fafnir wep to abundant college than 12*s for awhile, as I'm extenuative up for a cubing affair on my kanna for meso gear, so would it be a decay to use the Eternal Rebirth Flames from the box on the AbsoLab weapon and bore a few cubes (prob MCCs/Meisters for now, aback any Red/Blacks will be traveling to kanna) into it for a appropriate pot?

To me, it looks like AbsoLab will be a bigger weapon for mobbing for a continued time (enough for me to get complete AbsoLab later), although I'll prob still brilliant and cube Fafnir a little afterwards because it will be bigger for bossing because of the set effect.

I'd say if you wish to accept fun faster cube for your Kinesis appropriate abroad but if you wish to invesst for the continued bold (meso farming) you should cube meso% on your Kanna like a lot of humans are accomplishing I believe.

Though you accept to accumulate in apperception you're allegedly not arena just to advance but aswell to accept fun, so I'd say cube for what seems the smartest affair to cube or what you allegation the a lot of appropriate now, but aswell cube your Kinesis or whatever abroad you wish to if you feel like it. It's important not to exhausted yourself.

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