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How applicable is it to MAIN a Kanna in reboot? This is a catechism for any Kanna capital in reboot or just any reboot player. Aback I see so abounding humans application Kanna as either meso farmers, or self-kish mules, I accept been apprehensive of what actually MAINING a kanna would be like in reboot. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Kanna main~ 9m ambit clean, can alone lotus, about damian.

First off, you're appealing abundant a fucking barbarian at map control, you accept so abounding summons, and a 5th job accomplishment that in fact wrecks about any map, abnormally those that are agnate to lach tower.

First~4th job i don't bethink too well, but it was fine, i did it the beneath effecient way and able it like as if it was an aran and spammed haunting.

5th job though, aggregate changes for kanna. You get yuki which behindhand the backbone usage, basically 100% uptime for your primary bossing skill.

Then you aswell get sengoku forces, which helps both in administration and in training (especially if you can one hit, you can accepted teleport and bright maps that way as well.)

Domain is cocky explanatory, it in fact makes the map into your area (for about 55~73seconds depending on bulge level)

Bossing, you are actually appropriate as well, in parties, area and haku can play actually a adequate role, including binds and bellflower barrier. Aswell your haku can accord you added FD% the added affair associates you have, so it helps out actually a bit if you are backward abaft somewhat.

Solo bossing is a bit different, your abilities are acclimated similarly, but you aswell accept to consistently circle your amendment so you can accumulate up your best dps. There's a bit to consistently remember, and bisected the time i'm either searching at my buffs or at my arouse CD, application my peripherials for annihilation else.

(Unless i'm new to the bang-up obv.) you're traveling to be actually weak, and may yield abundant added allotment than the boilerplate mage. still clabber a bishy that had alot lower int, bang-up accident and IED was able to alone cvell while i couldn't, even with decent nodes i couldn't annihilate it afore timelimit chock-full me at the time but obv, you accept huge advantages as well.

Haku blaze is both op and a 'fk you' skill. Basically, it can block about any aberrant action and advance (queen's fire, lotus's lightning brawl in third stage, etc) but there is a annihilate breadth haku blaze can yield assorted hits and pretend to "gaurd" it but doesn't.

So sometimes you can instantly die about if you don't accept abundant hp, or if you aren't authentic (lotus's added orb it amendment that bounces about for example.) it tanks 9 hits, (sometimes 3 depending on the blazon of attack) so, it can be accessible or royally blend you over.

Haku absolution nerf hurts, but Maplestory Mesos still nice.

Either way, i wouldn't reccomend, admitting admiring kanna to afterlife, maining her unless you like her playstyle. It has its niches and uses, actually a bit of benefits, but it does crave actually a bit of care, learning, and compassionate things.