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Jul-13-2018 Categories: news

It's a one yield video and I didn't try too hard, but it doesn't allegation to be great. My comboing accomplishment is still rough, but hopefully this can get the point aloft anyways.

A abrupt description of my woes:

At advance acceleration 2, it's appealing accessible breadth the comboing window is. Well, this is the KMS standard, so.

At advance acceleration 1 (I'm acquainted I messed it up a bit) the window gets hardly abate but it's still workable, abnormally if you're advancing from advance acceleration 0.

At advance acceleration 0, unless you already acquire action aberration prior, it's about absurd to hit the abandoning window, meaning:

a) get crazily adequate (working on this)

b) acquire action aberration above-mentioned and never lose it for the aeon of 0AS (though if you use appropriate acceleration beverage instead of allegation spell amplifier your admixture authority up has to endure 3 annual rather than 1)

c) never use 0AS (somewhat contradictory, aback if you're application blooming aromatic Ark automatically hits 0 AS bisected of the time)

I like the class, and it's not a bold breaking flaw. But hopefully this serves as a admonishing afore you acquire that advance acceleration will automatically accomplish the chic good.

I did not yield the 195 aggressive into annual on the area that I am not 195, but from gameplay videos I've apparent it's not like KMS players are application it for the action aberration endless so the we'll acquire to bulk that one out Maplestory Mesos on our own.