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Aug-10-2018 Categories: news

I've been arena mostly inactively but I'm aggravating to advance my accessory appropriate now so I can in actuality bang-up with some of my about able friends. Does...anyone accept any suggestions? I'm aiming for endgame but not Batty Level(tm). I can't allow abundant funding, either.

Note: I do accept an Absolab Accept that I'm alive on, Maple M Mesos and I apperceive I charge bigger shoes+gloves. I just don't apperceive which to go for. I aswell charge a Able Gollux Ring instead of Solid.

A akin 250 acquaintance of abundance appropriate I plan with a 3-set CRA (weapon, top, bottom) and 5-set Absolab (hat, gloves, shoes, cape, shoulder).

I about absorb a ton of time traveling through every accouter for warriors on here, but I dont accept abundant time rn so I'll cut it abbreviate and simple with a few things I apprehension immediately.

I'll try to put it in somewhat of an adjustment for you.

1.get a able ring to alter bogie ring.

2.get a additional chaplet + additional chaplet aperture account from rp shop.

3.cube bpot on emblem,secondary, and weapon for 12% attack(9% on weapon), its abundant bigger than your accepted bpots and will accord a huge accident increase.

4.flame your gear... use able activation bonfire (under 100m now in bera) and try to get some acceptable str/all carbon bonfire on your accessory (for aggregate except gollux/sw equips).

5.star force aggregate to at atomic 12star, aim for 17star during this sundays accident if youve got the meso (the carbon you get from 15star+ is huge)... if you can't get aloft 12star on everything, at atomic just get your weapon to 17star this weekend. this will add a huge bulk of att to it.

6.recube any non 2L accessory to at atomic 2L pot.

7.hat is allegorical 15%... no point on it accepting allegorical if you accept a altered pot, recube.

8.rank up solid ring... now that 25star is out, solid is best in aperture again.

9.replace sup belt with something bigger already you get 2nd pend.

10.replace pensalir shoe with something better.

11.replace ambit cuff with something better.

Too add to this chastity annal any of your gollux equips that were not circling with gollux scrolls. You're missing out on a ton of advance and carbon by application spell traces.