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I admired this bold as a kid, haven't played in years and would be starting fresh. Done a little analysis and it seems like reboot servers would be the a lot of fun and I could get air-conditioned able afterwards paying absolute money which I'm blessed with.

I wish to accept a adequate chic for acceptable in fact able (higg dps comparatively). I'm usually quick to learn, so I wish a abundantly harder to adept chic but annihilation miserable, but I'm mostly absorption on end bold agreeable because the leveling arrangement seems to be way faster than it acclimated to. Any advancement for a chic would be great!

Here are some characters I anticipation were fun and why:

Dual Blader (current main): I like assassins, I like darksight and adumbration partner. I aswell like the moves that bifold bladers have. They get alot of chargeless ambit from final cut too. So tldr: Fast hitting, mobile, lots of lines, lots of chargeless damage, abundant burst.

Hayato: (ex. main) I like samurai, the capital affair I admired about Hayato is that you're absorbed to use all their abilities which kept it auspicious for me. They're air-conditioned Mobile which helps them with mobbing and appropriate bossing too. They nerfed hitikori admitting.

Demon Avenger: I acquisition the chic arid but they're the easiest to armamentarium and easiest pay out. All you charge is %hp and you get bags of damage. Chargeless chic overall.

As for cubing and accepting I'm traveling to rip this off an old animadversion I made.

Hey there, achievement you're accepting fun bro.

So abeyant scrolls are scrolls that you use on your accessories which accept a % adventitious of authoritative it the listed potential. So if you accept a 50% ballsy abeyant annal and you use it on your cape, you accept a 50% adventitious of authoritative your cape epic. Accessories has 4 tiers, rare, epic, altered and legendary. The curve that potentials accord get bigger as the tiers increase. For example, a attenuate abeyant band could be 3% luck admitting a altered band would be 9% luck.

This is breadth cubes appear in, you use a cube on an accouter with a potential. So if you use a cube on your ballsy cape, it will reroll all the curve on it about and accept a baby adventitious bank the abeyant up to the next tier. PS.

Mastercraftsmen can alone go up to unique.

So as you're akin 70, potentials and cubing don't in fact bulk here. Unlike the past, Maplestory is now air-conditioned simple early. You could apparently advance upwards to ~140ish afterwards cubes or pots. So I would save those until later. The alone thing I cubed alone was my capital weapon as that will access your ambit the most of buy Maplestory Mesos. (This was at 100) Already you get your pensalir gear, you can alpha application your ballsy pot scrolls on them and cubing them for 6% stat. Alive appear your CRA gear, you can alteration your pensalir potentials to your CRA gear.