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Jun-10-2018 Categories: news

So, I accept that the bold apparently will not be out in the US for a bit, and the versions currently in China and Korea can't be afflicted to be the aforementioned as the final product(cheapest Maplestory Mesos), but I accept been accomplishing a bit of account and there is one question that I can't accept to acquisition an acknowledgment to.

What is the accessory progression like in Maplestory 2? Like in Maplestory 1, if the bold aboriginal released, you had akin 10-50 (60?) I dunno, I started appropriate about if 4th job came out, so I don't in actuality apperceive what the bold looked like at release, but I do apperceive that accessories abandoned went up to akin 100-ish.

Then they appear akin 110 dragon stuff, afresh akin 120 timeless/reverse, and so on and so forth.

TLDR, my capital affair is apropos the corrective slots on accouterments pieces. I am accept with bottomward some money on this bold to abutment the devs, but the endure affair I wish is to absorb my time and money putting sockets on akin 50 accessories only to accept akin 60 accessories be appear and accomplish the akin 50s obsolete. I accept that progression is accustomed and assuredly a few years down the band there will be college level, college bank accepting released, but I assumption I in actuality wanna apperceive if I'll be safe putting those sockets on that akin 50 hat because I apperceive they will not be absolution a bigger one in the abreast future.

I am just aggravating to accept how this accomplished affair works based on the youtube videos I accept been watching and comments on the forum. I apprehend that there were two kinds of sockets, ones that could be put assimilate "equips" like rings and pendants, and appropriate sacrificing added copies of the items, and ones on corrective items, which could abandoned be added application those heart-shaped gems, which can abandoned in actuality be gotten in any allusive abundance by spending dejected merits.

I anticipate the bold looks great, and like I said, I am not aloft spending a little money on it, but I wish to get a affectionate of feel for how generally accessory will charge to be upgraded. I apperceive that the bold has been out a few years in KMS, and I was wondering how abounding times the "end-game gear" has changed. Based just on the videos I was watching, a abandoned atrium on a breadth of corrective accouterment will bulk about 3300 dejected merits.

I accept aggregate that gems can be advisedly confused amid a breadth of equipment, but I was just apprehensive how generally "end game" changes, Maplestory 2 Mesos based on players' adventures in KMS and CMS. Afterall, if you advance in putting sockets on a akin 50 piece of equipment, and afresh the bold releases akin 60 equipment, apparently the old accessory will not be accordant and you will accept to advance in putting added sockets on the new piece.