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Aug-08-2018 Categories: news

Playing BW on EU Reboot and would be analytical about Hyper passives and Weapon / Secondary usage.

Searching Passives for BW either doesn't accord annihilation or (in my opinion) complete garbage. Aswell some accepting of pre-revamped, so yea. Acutely abundant "Just use your FMA's" as well.

To appearance them actuality again:

Orbital Flame:

Range: 100 added range, toggled

Guardbreak: 20% IED

Breach Attack: Reduced dmg but +1 line

Blazing Extinction:

Reinforce: 20% dmg

Spread: +2 Targets

Add Attack: +1 Line


Reinforce: "Additional" 20% dmg

Mass Explosion: 20% dmg

Max Ignition: Reduced DoT breach by 0.5 seconds

My ambition so far would be:

Orbital 2 & 3

Blazing 1 & 3

Ignition 3

Now to the items: I was told that AS doesn't bulk for a lot of mages, but meanwhile I get the Burning Conduit which gives +1 AS while central it.

If BW in fact gets use of AS, I should a lot of acceptable go baton I guess Maplestory Mobile Mesos. (+1 from Chat of Fire and +1 from Conduit)

Also the accustomed catechism for shield, but I'm adequately abiding absorber is bigger than Secondary abnormally with 25* now.

Looking advanced for your answer.