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Sep-14-2018 Categories: news

Anyone abroad accepting issues with backbone use on the Blaze Wizard? I apperceive we accept the 2nd job accomplishment that restores 50% of your backbone but it's difficult to use every 10 abnormal or my pots get acclimated up afore then.

And afresh there's a addict in 3rd job that increases abracadabra advance but aswell increases backbone burning by 30%. I'm traveling through backbone potions like crazy!

So abundant affliction authoritative a bw koc alt. I'm gonna accept to alpha purchasing backbone pots just to armamentarium its leveling smh.

Some things I don't understand:

- Why do we accept just a agglomeration of characterless skills. They're not acceptable for bossing... not acceptable for mobbing... not even acceptable for farming... but alone acceptable at application up mp lol.

- Why is there the aloft accomplishment 4 times on anniversary job. K we get it, bw brand to bandy fireballs.

- Why do we about accept abracadabra bouncer as a acquiescent rather than an alternative buff, which endless on to the ALREADY added mp consumption.

- Why do we accept a "buff" that increases mp burning by 50%.

- Why don't our animations attending cool.

On the agenda of BW as a accomplished admitting I in actuality accede that there charge to be some changes mage - although none of these things are befitting me from maining this class, congenital appropriately and afterwards approaching changes I'm sure; it's gonna be outstanding.

1. We charge the abilities to be tweaked, they are mediocre. In commendations to AOE mostly, we accept Tempest which "can" be a two band skill. But in actuality it's not...kind of like Flame Vortex. Although I acquisition myself application it to save post, FV that is. (on the agenda of bossing it's in actuality abundant DPS and does a appropriate job but just doesn't act like it should).

2. We aswell accept a acquiescent that "summons" an basal if you use the fireballs? I accept never apparent annihilation get arouse in actuality or if I accept it looked like it cam from Cinder Maelstrom. Regardless it's repetitive and about makes the chic attending boring. I don't anticipate it is admitting as a whole.

3. MP burning for BW is just account in general.

4. XXX.

5. Right. We do acceptable DPS but with Orbital Flame accepting the primary accomplishment it looks like a basal advance from GMS lol.

I just got a Altered weapon and geared up abounding ballsy to try the chic out fully. About lvl.100, I haven't had abundant to say added than what we've all noticed calm as BW players but I accomplishment as accessory goes up in akin the chic will even out by itself. Who knows though.

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