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My accepted ambit is 3.5m buffed and I'm able to abandoned the craven and the clown, but I accumulate backward for like a additional if my pet auto heals me during queen. As for magnus, from what I can accept is that cannoneers accept a harder time killing him. Any accepted or Maplestory Mesos specific tips would help. Ty! Just in case it needs to be stated: I accept 130% boss, 90% pdr, and 15.6k stat.

230 Cannoneer capital in Reboot here.

Nuclear Advantage does technically accept 2 i-frames, but the one on key-press is decidedly harder to time than the one breadth you let go and casting the ability. You get the I-frame already you about-face out of the "put cannon on your shoulder" action and your appearance flashes airy for like a analysis of a additional - this is the harder one. Afresh there's the one anon aloft battlefront the nuke, which is abundant easier to time, if analogously abbreviate in duration. Accumulate this in mind, as this tip is about applicative to any boss, seeing as it's an I-frame, and I don't wanna accident repeating myself.

For CQueen, if you do wanna about-face to chiral pots to abstain the lag, that's altogether fine, but be warned that it's appealing harder to micromanage if the action goes on continued abundant to adapt buffs. Also, it is absolute actual simple to 'walk' CQueen through your Ammo coins for its abounding duration, so yield advantage of it as abundant as accessible - casting it absolute abutting to her, afresh move far abundant abroad from her that she follows you through the rocket damage. It helps if you casting the rocket while she's either alteration anatomy or casting an attack, because afresh she will not broad about in an attack/transform action and decay adored accident ticks.

CVel is just mechanics. You in fact allegation to get a feel for how far your beam jump, cannon jump, and any aggregate of the two travel. Bethink to about-face to Bazooka if there's a appendage in foreground of the boss, because Barrage is just gonna hit the appendage instead and do no damage. ALWAYS save your rockets for his fireballs, lightning floor, and abysmal breath. Do not pre-empt this, adjournment for him to casting it afore committing to a rocket. Never overlook to casting Monkey Fury if the DoT's down (which is air-conditioned accessible in tracking CVel underground), and Monkey Wave at approved intervals.

HMag is a fucking burlesque and I abhorrence it with all of my affection and soul. Buy a agglomeration of freezers and achievement for the best. Cannon Jump is about absolutely off banned unless you wanna accident bent over meteors and you're a absolute acceptable adjudicator of ambit / accept no added best to breach alive. Triple jumping with Cannon Jump to awning ambit afterwards respawning is a archetypal Icarus tale: devious too abutting to the sun beam and Magnus will exhausted you beyond the windows with a brainless fucking meteor travelling at mach fucking infinity.

God I abhorrence HMag.

Starting a rocket alfresco of the dejected breadth is in fact not a bad idea, even if you accept to absorb 1-2 abnormal of it accepting accident bargain while you bastard your way aback into the dejected zone. Nuclear Option's i-frame is a charity actuality if you accept an Erda Bind down and don't wanna lose DPS to a devious meteor. Time it appropriate and you'll be able to milk as abundant DPS as possible. ALSO: Adjournment out anniversary and every one of your deaths so that you accept a rocket allegation in reserve, bold you blew all 3 at some point in the action afore dying.

I'll be honest with you, the dispersed few cannoneers I apperceive that can in fact abandoned HMag (me included) either accept a asperous time with it in general, or accept abundant ambit to draft its arch off in 1-2 binds. It's absolutely accessible to tango with HMag on his own terms, but adapt for connected frustration.

If you accept anymore questions, just buzz CapREEESun. I'll try to be as accessible as I can. Actuality is my own abandoned of CVel, in case you wish to see my (woefully inconsistent) mechanics as some array of example.