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Maplestory - Annoying alcove aspects


Maplestory - Annoying alcove aspects

In animosity of all the acceptable things the dungeons provide, I would like to bluster about what I accretion a lot of annoying about them in their accepted form Maplestory M Mesos. These are my opinions and I don't beggarly to affront anyone.

ELITE: The adventitious to abort a run because you didn't do abundant DPS in a night aristocrat bedeviled affair is cool annoying. The alcove is austere but you get no rewards because you couldn't annihilate as fast as the added accidental players?

That's such a waste, and there's no account for the NLs besides the faster bright time that screws added affair associates over.

Basically even able-bodied able classes can get bent in the beneath 5% allowance acceptance all efforts and get busted out of the rewards for no acumen whatsoever. It's about bigger to abandoned aristocratic harder if you aren't NL.

NETTS: Rewards are already cool bombastic for anybody except for the leaves and XP. For instance you can't accouter two rings of the aforementioned aberration and already you get one different belt you are set unless you destroyed another. Accepting a additional badge or badge is absolutely pointless.

And annihilation can be traded, extracted or collapsed up anyway. A lot of us who accept played NETTS accustomed are just acquisitive for leaves at this point.

MINI: Alfresco of accustomed quests and accident items the EXP and meso offered is awfully low in allegory to Trojans and Brilliant Force. The gem bonuses are abhorrent and DO NOT MAKE MINIS MORE VIABLE THEN THE FREE ALTERNATIVES. I anticipate if they improved the ante and accustomed parties to access mini dungeons they'd be a ton added intriguing.

For now I accept too abounding access tickets I don't even wish to use for this, except for the accepted dice accident because afresh there are ‘occasional' exceptions.

DOJO: Counterbalanced rewards to credibility arrangement but takes FOREVER because anniversary bang-up has to be a date with an activated alteration and of advance you consistently alpha on date 1. I get it, I'm traveling to die at 40 okay?

Why do I accept to delay 5mins to get to date 40 area I'm affirmed to die because the adeptness bend basically triples from date 39 for no reason? We're declared to do it 3x every day of course. I dead that date one snail too abounding abuse times now.

DAILY: No problems with this now tbh. The about-face of gems and fishing abeyant makes it able abundant to accumulate advancing aback with incentive. Aswell it's beneath p2w the added dungeons.

MASHERS: Glad we can just auto it but this advocacy affair accepting the way to ‘fame' players in the bold is camp and the dungeon's alone allurement currently accepting the appropriate earrings will agreement that it'll be added bombastic than NETTS in two months. Achievement they add added things to the shop.

Lastly, EXPEDITIONS... anniversary of these needs just one chat to sum this bits up LOL.

Zakum: Leaves Horntail: Die

Hope you enjoyed my extraneous accusatory and blessed blessed mapleing.


Okay I'm done.