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Aug-05-2018 Categories: news

Today, I'm planning to actualize a Activity Mage, but I accept been analytic about and I haven't begin an all-encompassing adviser on Activity Mages. I in actuality adore the attending and dispatch of the class.

If any BM amateur could accord me tips or at atomic a little adviser (like stats, skills, bossing, ideal links and legion, reboot) on the chic that'd be great!

General guides should acknowledgment for activity mages with stat/link/legion allocations. The alone hotlink accomplishment that adeptness be situational on added classes but advantageous on BaMs is the illium hotlink accomplishment (gives % accident stacking with distance). Actuality are some tips (that you adeptness not acquisition analytic online):

Inner Ability: Get +1 Advance Dispatch on the 1st band to cap AS with Chicken Aura.

Hyper Skill: Accept 2 of the 3 abilities (-10% accident taken on Affair Shield, Aphotic Ambience enhancement, Aphotic Genesis cooldown) - 1st accomplishment for affair play (must for endgame), 2nd accomplishment for bossing accident (I use Chicken Ambience instead, but this is just preference), and 3rd accomplishment for mobbing. The complete 3 should be in Affair Absorber (duration) and Weakening Ambience enhancement.

5th Job Nodes: The complete 5th job addition bulge consists of Final Blow, Aphotic Shock, and Condemnation.

Aura Swapping: Weakening Ambience places a debuff that lasts for ~13 seconds. You can afresh about-face to addition DPS ambience (dark or chicken aura) to aerate DPS. Also, you can about-face to Red Ambience to get some quick healing afore switching back.

Telecasting: In bossing, there are 3 agency to telecast: left-to-right, up, and down. Telecasting left-to-right maximizes your DPS, but it is difficult to acclimatize to your advance speed, lag, and bang-up attacks. Telecasting up is about the easiest to do with lag, although with top advance dispatch the time you yield falling hinders your DPS. Telecasting down is best with abate administration (Von Bon) to ensure your Condemnation proc lands. Also, you can advertisement advancement or jump + telecast advancement to abstain some bang-up attacks (Magnus, Damien, etc.).

Personally, I begin activity mages somewhat difficult until 5th job (mobbing is subpar, Gollux and Horntail can be difficult with low ambit DPS skills), but don't let that arrest you from arena the class to buy Maplestory Mesos; I am akin 227 and plan to accumulate going!