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Nov-09-2018 Categories: news

I don't apperceive how abounding times I, or added humans I've played with in my party, accept been addled with abilities that were not meant to hit us.

His appendage batter does a awe-inspiring AoE about his absolute body, his laser strikes humans central of holes, and it aswell does a awe-inspiring AoE about his physique sometimes, Maplestory 2 Mesos or even if they're down with the fairies, and afresh his appendage bash can hit you from beyond the freakin map.

Pyrros Fard's hitboxes are bad, yes, but not "SO bad". It's mostly the slight cessation issue,but afar from that theyre absolute consistent.

Want to add few things/tips:

- Laser: The laser hitbox about the physique gets appealing large, so dont break abaft him unless there is abundant amplitude amid him and the bend of the map **or** you are accessible to reposition mid-laser with a dodge.

- Triple Appendage Pound: He slams the ground, causing even the breadth about his appendage to shake. It makes faculty that the breadth anon surrounding his physique will get whacked by some force as well. Yield agenda that is has vertical ambit as well.

- Appendage Swipe: The breadth is hardly beyond than the explosions (from my experience), but there are aswell 4 agency to abstain it. Combine that with a longass adjournment time.

- Roar: Has a slight knockback move. Anticipate it and that little nudge can in actuality advice you abatement into a hole. The barrage hits aggregate that is not below him. If your arch is hardly afraid out if he casts it, apprehend to be deafend.

- Extra contrivance option: Jump off the map; works for all attacks including the beauteous roar.

- Berserk active around: Hit box is the foreground bisected of his body. Go advanced and arctic below his belly.

The alone affair that isnt appropriately conveyed, is the actuality that the big blaze animation in appearance 2 aswell has vertical range.

Unlike the visuals hint, aggressive up to the top on either ancillary wont save you. (And the actuality that there is a accidental safe area as well)