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Dec-03-2018 Categories: news

After annual through the SkyFortress notes, I got to the allotment about the aromatic that can shoot a appearance all he way up to lvl 50 (and not aloft 50, states you can be lvl 1-49 and will 'set' you to 50).

This amalgamation aswell includes:

- Exceptional Accessory box to actually armour and arm your appearance for lvl 50 content.

- 2 Absolute accessories of your best + 1 Reroller.

- And chargeless Bank 1 gem from the Gem box.

Now this seems in fact amazing adapted (it is. This is rhetorical. But affective on)? A actually kitted out lvl50 appearance accessible to go into a lot of dungeons and you don't accept to bullwork up for several hours? Sign us all up!

BUT! and this is a accessory but, avoid the caps and assertion marks, yield into application the following:

- You accept succeeded in absence the absolute Ballsy Adventure that levels you to 50 in the aboriginal place! Or accept you? If wanna do those agitative new quests on the Sky Fortress (and get that Sage appellation finally), you're gunna accept to be at that allotment in the Adventure. Plus the Ballsy adventure gives out a ton of aspect and accomplishment credibility through the trophies becoming forth the way.

- Anybody and their Mama will be accomplishing Soulbinder +50 on day 1 of this update. Hordes and hordes of Newbie Soulbinders calamity your dungeons, accepting in fact no abstraction how the appearance functions because hey, it's new and agleam and they wanna try him/her out afterwards the grind!!! To this end, buy Maplestory 2 Mesos accede allotment addition chic to 50+ on day 1. I myself will be +50 my new Thief so I can breeze through the story. Not adage to shouldn't +50 a Soulbinder on day 1, but accede the consequences.

- Accept wisely. Admitting the diction in the application addendum doesn't accompaniment it clearly, you will a lot of absolutely alone get ONE adventitious to +50 appearance (unless they add added in the approaching which is absolutely up to them). My advocacy is to +50 a cast new appearance alpha off the appearance conception slate rather than one that's in their 20-40s for the best bulk the aromatic gives!

- And finally, convenance that new +50 character!! The abstraction of the progression through the Ballsy Adventure quests is to arid body your repertoire for your accustomed class, acquirements the ins and outs of the appearance and the quirks that accomplish them tick. But if you +50, you're accustomed the absolute block to eat in one sitting and it can be in fact overwhelming. Yield the time to ability your characters to how you wanna play, decidedly Soulbinders that wanna accept amid DPS and/or Support. I beggarly analytic up guides is fine, but thats kinda arid to me.

Just some thoughts to accede and would adulation to apprehend everyone's ascribe as well!

Ninja Edit: Not cogent association how to play, you're all able bodies that can adjudge for themselves. Just some advancement for those interested.