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Dec-07-2018 Categories: news

What would you guys anticipate about accession way to get red stars or lapentiers for cdev abreast from dungeons and World bang-up quests that are capped? I say this as anyone who eventually wants that singewing arise because it looks cool, but knows that I will be cutting cdev consistently to reroll allegorical accessory and lapentiers will eventually bolt up Maplestory 2 Mesos buy to me if I don't run harder 60 repetitive harder dungeons every week. It's not a botheration for me yet but I see abounding lapentiers go to bootless runs so I don't clean and don't get kicked from parties.

I ashen about 60 endure night whenever a priest died and the bright still looked feasible. BTW my in bold name is Puddlez and I'm a alarmist archer that chugs lapentiers during debuffs as a accessory cautiously from the ledge as I watch others outrun lasers and cackle at their dabble accident (hence the adventitious allowances of my name).

Are red stars acceptable in their accepted accompaniment for continued appellation gameplay? Or do you anticipate Nexon should action uncapped agency to bullwork for non-useless alleviate items in anarchy raids, the aforementioned way that World administration bead elixirs or we can buy accustomed potions with mesos? Amuse be nice if you anticipate I'm allurement too abundant or accord your account on this issue.

As a adolescent archer with affluence Cdev clears. I can accord you some pointers as to save lapentiers. I use maybe 50 over my absolute cap. But that adeptness be because I've bootless cdev 5 times absolute endure week.

Rule1. You're not a ranged class, you are whatever ambit your healer is. Not even kidding. You move with your healer. And if the absolute arrest does this, you almost move at all. (Ideally anybody except the runeblader/hg would be on the exact aforementioned tile). This will beggarly you lose out on the abstract buff, but you will consistently accept maxed health, and never absence out on any buffs.

Rule2. Dont move unless you accept to. This is an added aphorism that about supports rule1. The abandoned attacks that accreditation a reposition are the puddle-slam (and if youre positioned accurately that shouldnt even be true), the laser and the shadows. All added attacks should be accounted for in accession (aka no puddles abaft you for push).

Rule3. Get your top/bottom to +10. It gives you ~15% added aegis to abate all acquiescent damage, already you get a appropriate set of gloves/boots/hat, set that to 5 as well, this is absolutely bargain and helps a ton. If you get a absolute roll. +10 that shit.

And my claimed 4th rule. If you see a affair affiliate in ache (most conspicuously your tank, or Hadds person, but in fact anyone with <20% hp applies) aka, low hp and/or abashed and far from your healer. Use your 7block birr to get to them and use your lapentier to alleviate them.

5th claimed tip, macro Storm, Screwdriver and accelerated shot, so that you accept 100% uptime on your continued cooldown skill. (Due to aphorism 1 youll never absence annihilation anyway)

Heads up, potions dont plan in cdev or rune temple due to the aromatic debuff, just hug your healer. In cmoc and Cpap you can choke them tho.