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​MapleStory 2 - Suggestions to advance the MS2 gaming experience

news Jan-07-2019

​MapleStory 2 - Suggestions to advance the MS2 gaming experience

Hey MapleStory 2 Community!

I anticipation I would just column some suggestions on how to advance the gaming acquaintance for Maplestory 2 afterwards seeing/hearing a deluge of players leave because they just absolute did not adore the bold anymore. Even at times, I acquisition myself in the aforementioned boat-burnt out by the connected bulk of dailies/weeklies I accept to do and activity like I accept to do these tasks in adjustment to "progress" through the bold contrarily I absence out on these opportunities. And then, at the end of the day, seeing all that plan go down the cesspool because of bad RNG and just activity balked that you will not be able to see the end bold agreeable for a while. However, I haven't accustomed up on this bold yet alive that it has abeyant to be a abundant bold and that the development aggregation is appealing acknowledging to the MS2 playerbase's needs. Anyways, /endrant you can acquisition beneath account I had in apperception that can potentially accomplish this bold "fun" again. These are my claimed suggestions, so amuse feel chargeless to accurate your effective criticism and accession suggestions. Amuse no baneful accent or behavior.

- Implement a coins arrangement agnate to the Treva arrangement to accretion loot. This gives players who adulation to bullwork or play abandoned accession way to progress. Boodle rewards can be adapted to cover items that are bare to advance accent such as accent re-roller and aspect lock scrolls for a reasonable price.

- Advance the alone monsters and maps we accept in the game, and accept them bead bigger boodle in general. Boodle could be Epic/Legendary accent fragments, re-roller and lock annal fragments, alluring materials, potions, etc. It doesn't admonition that monsters from akin 1-60 bead the aforementioned loot. In addition, if monsters bead added admired loot, accomplish these monsters/maps added arduous to the point you allegation a affair to acreage the map.

- Annihilate alcove banned for "normal" dungeons for those who ambition to bullwork for the outfits.

- For guilds, advance brotherhood raids added and accept them bead added boodle as able-bodied to accommodate added allurement to do them. I would like to aggrandize on this added if I get the chance.

- Accept an accession baronial arrangement for guilds than just trophies. There could be added rankings such as boilerplate accent score, PvP score, Brotherhood dungeon/Raid run times, Brotherhood alcove completions, or a abstracted brotherhood point arrangement (can absorb the bulk of brotherhood tasks completed).

- Abolish Fair Action from apple administration and possibly dungeons. This has been apparently said assorted times on this reddit, but humans like to feel "OP" which gives them that faculty that they are advanced through the bold and accepting stronger.

- If you abolish fair action from apple bosses, accept apple administration be added difficult, and in actuality animate organized parties to defeat assertive apple bosses. If this is in effect, aswell accept them bead bigger boodle and altered items (such as outfits/skins bits to craft).

- Access the alcove rewards and abatement the alcove limit. Accepting to run the aforementioned alcove 15 times a day is not fun and time consuming.

- Accept dungeons bead job-specific boodle instead of bottomward boodle from added classes abnormally if you cannot even use that boodle for your alts. I see no point in this. Added job specific boodle = added affairs at rolling for stats players are searching for.

- Accomplish Authority levels added useful. Agnate to Diablo 3. Accept altered carbon bonuses and allocations like for advance speed, crit rate/crit dmg, movement speed, spirit, etc. to acquiesce added adaptability in builds.

- Yield out the admixture costs for accessories. I apperceive there needs to be meso sinks, but this is just too cher and can animate affairs Maplestory 2 Mesos from meso bot sellers. Halving the bulk to 250k for the accident is a start, but this may allegation to be permanent.

- Abatement the accent of mesos to abash meso sellers and bots. Even admitting in some respects, MS2 tries to devious abroad from the P2W model, but players are still able to P2W by affairs mesos to buy B4 dungeons and carries.

Additional it does not admonition that elitists and meso sellers ascendancy the abridgement appropriate now. I will accommodate added acumen on this later.