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Hey all, I fabricated a throwaway because this will get downvoted into oblivion, but I acquainted the charge to accomplish a column analogue area I acquisition the issues of the bold to be, with evidence. I'll try to accomplish it as abrupt as possible, but I'll cover a Tl;dr at the end regardless.

To put it blunt, the affair with the bold is that it was congenital on a pay to win archetypal in Korea (KMS2). The bold was congenital with RNG elements that could be abstemious with the bang of absolute money. This isn't necessarily a bad affair is that's the administration the developers ambition to yield their bold to accumulate the lights on. The botheration about arises if the bold is ported over to about abroad (GMS2) and the pay to win is removed, but none of the RNG elements are changed. You now accept a awful ambit on progression that has no adeptness to be watered down through the use of pay to win. This makes the RNG unforgiving, and gives a massive advantage to anyone alive all of the accomplish to yield afore duke to optimize their RNG ambit afore the blow of the amateur abject abstracts it out (I accept this subreddit calls them Beaters or The Maple Elite).

Essentially what the added advice does is acquiesce players to somewhat ambit this RNG at the bulk of the blow of the playerbase through bazaar manipulation. Now I'm not naive. Every bold will accept the top players authoritative the market. The affair lies in the actuality at how simple to is now for the top .1% to advance their ascendancy over the bazaar due to actionable pay to win. I know, I know. I just said there is no pay to win, and for the humans who play by the rules there isn't. Meso affairs about is the a lot of authentic anatomy of pay to win there is, and it does abide in the bold and is a problem. This is how abounding players acquainted the charge to action the ability ambit that added players had. So that accept to be the fix then, ban the bots and ban the meso buyers...


This is area I see anybody accepting confused. The affair with the bold isn't even the humans affairs the meso, or even the bots for that matter. The affair is that those adulterine mesos are accepting funneled to the top .1% through bus runs. If Anarchy Dev and Anarchy Morc dropped, abandoned the best of the best were able to complete runs because of ability about pets, stats, and added things in the bold that the boilerplate amateur didn't know. Their character/gem/gear enhancement began continued afore the agreeable was released. These players were afresh able to advertise runs to players who were acquisitive to bolt up in progression. The botheration is that the bulk of these runs was so top to activate with that it is abandoned astute to accept the boilerplate being affairs runs were meso buyers (I don't apperceive about you, but I rarely accept 100m to absorb on runs, let abandoned alert a anniversary for a month). Sure...maybe a few of them bent and ballsy pet or two and cashed in, but are you cogent me the humans who will now be affairs 1 coinsion Cpap runs farmed their harder becoming money?

The botheration is banning the bots and the meso buyers doesn't break the affair because the accident has already been done. coinsions of meso accept been injected into the abridgement wrongfully so that has acquired aggregate to be out of whack. The abundance is in the top .1% of easily and now they ascendancy the market. The bots abide to acreage these dungeons active prices into the ground, authoritative it even easier for the abundance the .1% has to ascendancy the market. If Cpap runs activate (as they accept today), the estimated bulk is 1coinsion for a run. Let's say it was 900mill just for simple numbers. That is 100 comminute per runner, per 15min. Accept they do 3 runs and can abandoned acquisition one set of 3 an hour, you accept players authoritative 300mill AN HOUR. 8 hours a day = 2.4 coinsion... a day.

2.4 coinsion mesos - In One Day.

Now let's attending at how anyone could yield 2.4 coinsion mesos and agitate up the market. You could buy over 1 coinsion anarchy atramentous in the market, instantly relist it, and the bulk would acceleration over 14,000 mesos. That's a 40% increase. They'd accept abundant larboard over basic to buy out anyone who lists lower, acceptation anyone who basic "on-demand" admission to anarchy onyx, would accept to buy from the .1%, furthering their growth. Meanwhile the being affairs is out there agriculture aromatic solvents for 8k anniversary authoritative 1mill an hour (if that).

Does the account alpha to become added clear? Even if you ban all the bots (which will advance aggrandizement and the abandoned humans who can acquiesce the items would be the .1%), even if you ban all the meso buyers, you're not analytic the affair that the abridgement is in shambles, and will abide to be. As continued as there is no adequate way to acreage an absolute cogent bulk of mesos in this bold (something added reasonable afresh 1mill an hour - abnormally if accessory enchants on allegorical bulk like 4mill per try), afresh it isn't even achievable for a hardcore amateur to compete, let abandoned a casual.

I don't apperceive about you, but I accept no absorption agriculture 1mill meso per hour, demography me 100 hours to according what a bus agent can accomplish in 15 account because the bold catered to their advance from the start.

I don't apperceive what the band-aid is. I'm not traveling to try to act like I know. What I do apperceive is that I adulation this dev aggregation (they actually are aggravating so hard). I adulation this game, it is one of the a lot of fun MMOs I've anytime played. I aswell apperceive that at the accepted bulk the bold is going, that the bazaar will be so out of bash that aural 6mo-1yr it will not even be reasonable to play with a achievement of end bold progression in any reasonable bulk of time. No bulk of chargeless ballsy boxes or reroller scrolls is traveling to fix that. I achievement Nexon is able to appear up with a band-aid afore that happens, I actually ambition to be arena this bold for years to come.

Tl;dr - the affair with the bold is that meso buyers accept injected so abundant bedraggled money to the .1% that now is safe in their easily because they didn't buy the Maplestory 2 Mesos that they will always accept a butt on the market, the bold progression, and more. There is no adequate way to acreage mesos to even attack to abutting the gap through accepted means.

Also note:

I am a amateur who has austere both cdev and cmorc. I accept a +15. I accept a done aggregate in this bold except Cpap. The affair isn't just with humans disturbing to +15. If you're not sitting on hundreds of millions/coinsions of mesos appropriate now afresh this applies to you just as abundant behindhand of area your accepted progression is.