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​MapleStory 2 - One of my admired things to grind

news Jan-10-2019

​MapleStory 2 - One of my admired things to grind

I anticipate this bold needs added acid options in the aforementioned attitude as pet taming. In my opinion, pet taming is a archetype of grinding/rng done appropriate aural this game. In fact, it's one of my admired things to grind. 

Even admitting accepting an ballsy pet requires a ton of time and/or luck, it's a bullwork that will still accolade you for your time.

So aboriginal there's the catechism of "are you able abundant to acreage pets at aurora lab". Even admitting the monsters there are able and crave you to do acceptable damage, you account a lot added from agriculture there at a top level, because you can aswell bullwork aromatic solvents, a acute basic of pet taming. If you can't acreage there, you can at atomic accomplish due with spots like agee coulee or adversity wasteland, area the spawns are hardly worst, and you can't acreage solvents. So basically, you're adored with bigger spots if your accessory gets better, which is a acceptable archetype of acid done right.

Secondly, you can accomplish the accommodation of whether you wish to accomplish an antecedent investment to akin up your pet taming, or if you wish to focus all your time/money into jumping appropriate into taming. For example, if you're agriculture aromatic solvents at aurora lab while pet taming, you accept the best of application them to adeptness very shitty accessories and akin up your pet taming, or advertise those for mesos and buy g3s. You account in the continued run by leveling pet taming and crafting your own trap, but you're not answerable to do that. Accepting able to buy accessories and advertise potions solvents makes pet acid a activating experience, aback it in actuality gives you the best on how you wish to grind.

Third, communicable pets itself is a acceptable grind, aback you can advertise them to accomplish some money back. So no bulk how bits your luck is with ballsy pets, it's still blood-tingling to bolt a green/blue pet, because it reduces your net accident from pet grinding. It aswell adds a meta artisan to the bold area you charge to analysis the bazaar consistently for clashing pet prices, and chose if you wish to attenuate the prices and advertise quickly, or delay a bit best and accomplish the a lot of blast for your blade with affairs pets. Accepting added affective locations accompanying to a bullwork is a acceptable thing!

Even admitting this bold isn't perfect, i adamantly accept pet taming is one of the best examples of acid in this game, and i achievement nexon takes this bullwork as an archetype on how to architecture their approaching grinds.

Accomplish acid dynamic, and not just do A to get to B.

So there should be time to bullwork something agnate to aromatic bread-and-butter agriculture afterwards dailies, dungeons, seeing accompany and authoritative money in added ways? Anticipate about how abundant players accomplish money anniversary day appropriate now if they are not a booster.

Then anticipate how abounding pet candies and snares they can buy anniversary day, or how abounding aromatic solvents they can buy to accomplish their own snares. The acknowledgment is that they can get abundant for (usually beneath than) 100 bolt attempts. 100 bolt attempts costs 10k X 100 + (1000 X 1000), so 2 million. the boodle from 100 catches is about 2.6m application the bolt adventitious abstracts from 23k communicable sample with g2 allurement and EU prices for normal/rare/exceptional/epic pets. Bound demography a attending at added abstracts shows agnate percentages. I'm appealing abiding the after-effects are agnate with g1 and g3 too.

In this sample admeasurement of 23k catches, alone 1 ballsy was caught. afterwards the ballsy included, the boodle from 100 catches is abundant lower priced and will in actuality bulk the amateur a lot. They would accept to accomplish that money aback afresh in adjustment to abide taming and taming would of advance yield its own time.

Do you absolutely wish addition RNG bore like this in the game? In my assessment monsters should accept added advantageous items that can be farmed for and they should bead added than 50 ms2 mesos. Important endgame upgrades that accord a big advantage and become a advantage shouldn't accept to be boring and repetitively farmed for 10000 times over abounding weeks.