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Jan-13-2019 Categories: news

Hi just for quick introduction, I played this bold in KMS2 from jan 2017 to baronial 2018, and started arena GMS2 aback aboriginal october.

There are a lot of arguable problems that the bold has, and while abounding ppl acquisition the band-aid to it absolute obvious, I capital to acquaint you why its not that simple, acquirements from how KMS2 angry out and aswell abacus GMS2's no claimed identification id conception into annual (reasons why bots flood the game).

1. Fairfight - apple boss/hard dungeons

A lot of humans acquisition fairfight is stupid, and beeline up should be removed. While it sounds like a abundant idea, this in actuality fucked up a lot of things in KMS. Aback humans annihilate balrog in 10 seconds, humans started accustomed ceremony other's alts accepting so abundant onyx/loots from it. And if you didnt accept any alts, well, too bad, you were either gonna accomplish them or accomplish 1/5th of assets others accomplish per week. This bound turmoiled into a adversity for both casuals and hardcore users - for casuals, they didnt wish to actualize so abounding alts, acquainted pressured and behind. For hardcore users, and even till this date, balrog is an added 'dailies' ppl accept to do. Rog run affairs became absolute accepted for KMS2, and why backpack noobs for chargeless if you can accomplish money?

Imo, while i anticipate fairfight should be removed for achievement and convenience, I anticipate they should in actuality nerf alt rewards in actuality absolutely hard, or accord rewards based on the dmg u dealt. Or else, this will actualize attitude of aristocratic players accustomed ceremony other, while casuals accept to either buy runs or delay for a saint to arise to backpack them all. With fair action removed, even with bits accessory parties, you will acceptable complete balrog in 4 annual - By giving rewards based on accident dealt, it removes affairs of exploits, and disencourages 'carries'.

2. Alternative agency of authoritative meso

I anticipate this is an absorbing topic. We are accessible to botting, which can shut down abounding acceptable suggestions. however, in an ideal apple area there are no bots, I anticipate they should acutely access the meso and loots lf acreage mobbing (make it like 1~2 mil meso for mobbing 1hr, while bottomward blooming crystals dejected crystals, etc.) I anticipate aggravating to fix aggregate through harder alcove has encouraged the accepted repetitive gameplay.

Acceptable mobbing, while it can be absolute boring, is added acceptable abstraction that humans are acclimated to, and requires beneath brainy focus than harder dungeons. (Maybe implementing affair mobbing college meso+drops for amusing aspect). Tbh in adjustment for any of this to be implemented, cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos bots accept to be gone. Although humans may not like it, i anticipate sms analysis should be appropriate to actualize accounts (sorry to those afterwards of buzz ('do you guys not accept a phone?' -Wyatt Chang) and VPN users from added continents, but bots are in actuality attached options for the bold to advance...

Many of you guys may disagree with me - its a simple assessment of a user who saw KMS about-face into a bold for alone 1% top aristocratic players, and all casuals accept quit. This was not the administration MS2 promised to crop if it aboriginal launched, it was declared to be added relaxing, casual, amusing game, that can baby all types of users. I anticipate KMS2 will never animation aback due to boundless P2W and no new amateur ambiance (and baneful top aristocratic akin playerbase), but I anticipate GMS2 still has abeyant and allowance to improve.