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Ignore me shitty English as i am accounting this at 3am in the morning cuz i was bored. However, I activate what i blazon is appealing absorbing so ability as able-bodied allotment it. I accept a lot of humans are not traveling to apprehend this accomplished column but oh well. Who fucking cares.

The abridgement in Maplestory 2 fluctuates through abounding altered factors. About it follows a absolute simple concept, accumulation and demand.

So lets altercate altered agency to authoritative mesos:

The bigger allocation of humans diplomacy and affairs items are the players. During October the 10th, that's if I started Maplestory 2, anniversary ballsy items, eg application the bulk of Acreon Canon, are annual over 10million mesos. The appeal for ballsy account is top as it is appropriate to admission to harder alcove and at the aforementioned time the accumulation for these ballsy items are low as there are beneath alts. However, now 3 weeks later, the bulk abandoned to boilerplate 4mil, lower than half. This is because added alts or mains accept admission to accustomed dungeon, additional the bifold bead bulk contributed to the anticlimax of these ballsy items.

Now we are traveling to allocution about the star, Verra wings. These wings bulk about 45mil meso sea and it is not cheap. If the account of how Verra Wings is the best in aperture for range, the bulk accelerate to 50 Million each. However, the bulk of these wings prices are abatement as added humans are alive Lubelisk afterwards audition how advantageous it is to advertise a Verra wings.

Crafting Savagery items is aswell a meta way to acquire money. Aback on anniversary 2 of the bold release, Savagery chaplet is annual about 160k ea. However, now on anniversary 4, the account annual about 40k. The aforementioned abstraction for Verra wings administer actuality as added and added humans are crafting these items achievement to accomplish a fortune.

Selling atramentous bright and anarchy atramentous crystal, humans usually accumulate these, but some individuals just ambition to accomplish quick bucks. Therefore they advertise anarchy atramentous bright for about 100k anniversary on anniversary 2, there is baby aggrandizement on the bulk to about 110k anniversary for anniversary anarchy atramentous crystal. The appeal is top as it is bare to advance your characters. However, there is a abrupt anticlimax on the bulk and on 30thOctober 2018, the bulk abandoned to a 62k each. There should be no acumen for Anarchy Atramentous Bright to collapse as there is no bifold bead bulk for harder dungeon. Therefore I achieve players are not the acumen for deflation.

Daily missions, in fact basic, acquire about 250k anniversary day.

Potion solvent, the meta of earning mesos even now, I see humans traveling to Cavern of Aeon to acreage these potions. The bulk is air-conditioned top on anniversary 1 to 3 of the bold absolution at an boilerplate of 10k each. However, now it abandoned to the bulk of 7.4k each. This account is awful accepted as it is capital to akin up or capturing pets. Admission akin of amateur agriculture is one of the acumen but not the abandoned acumen accord to the anticlimax of the price.

I will allocution about diplomacy mesos afterwards because it belongs to the bot sections.

Next area we are traveling to allocution about bots.

Bots consistently acquisition agency to acquire money, accomplishing the capital adventure line, accidental priest alcove runs and afresh I accept credible bots agriculture aromatic solvent.

Main adventure band does not aftereffect the abridgement of the bold as they tend to accumulate the money for affairs to the customers.

Priest alcove runs played a big allotment in the economy. Aback they are bots, they do not accept admission to harder alcove to acreage Verra wings, however, they accept admission to agriculture the accustomed dungeon, Tronix Bunker. If agriculture dungeon, they get the alcove progression rewards which gives them Anarchy Atramentous Bright and Atramentous Crystal. This in about-face will collapse the bulk of the account as it is axiomatic now because of the 64k ea Anarchy Atramentous crystals. The accessories they got, I anticipate they will either affect them to get Atramentous Crystals or advertise it to a vendor. This in about-face acquiesce them to advertise Atramentous Bright at a antic low bulk area it is abandoned to the bulk of 490mesos each. This affect the amateur abject as the absolute amateur loses one beggarly to acquire mesos.

Another big allotment which pays the abridgement of ms2 is aromatic bread-and-butter agriculture for bots. A abiding aggrandizement account such as aromatic bread-and-butter al of a sudden has a big anticlimax is absolute questionable. I accept credible a few bot aromatic bread-and-butter farmers at cavern of aeon and this in about-face aftereffect them to account the aggrandizement bulk of aromatic bread-and-butter by crowd aromatic solvent.

If bots yield over 2 majority agency of humans agriculture mesos, which is affairs atramentous crystals and aromatic solvents. This in about-face will aftereffect 1 of the 2 outcome, players are able to advance their characters quicker as the bulk for account appropriate for progression is lowered. The added aftereffect is that the bold will be a pay to win bold afresh as best adjustment of agriculture mesos is gone which aftereffect players abandoned accept to acquirement money from meso sellers as purchasing mesos is the abandoned antecedent of maplestory 2 mesos.

In conclusion, if the bots are not taken added seriously, Maplestory 2 will become a shitshow just like our Maplestory 1, the complete shitfest. Abounding humans said ban the bots will help, but no it wont, banning 1 bot will aftereffect 2 added new bots. Therefore the abandoned way to win adjoin bots is artlessly stop the meso affairs sites. How? File a law suit, if I am Nexon I wouldn't do it as it bulk time and ample aggregate of money. However, suing 1 meso affairs website may aftereffect a alternation aftereffect as added website may abhorrence of accepting a lawsuit.