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Mar-12-2019 Categories: news

Alright, I'm abiding anyone who plays abutment roles is gonna chronicle to this column but im gonna allege from my POV.

I feel like Knight needs a lot added absolute timing and allocation for the affair to get any account from them, and appropriate now the UI and controls don't accord us abundant to plan with.

We allegation babble macros BADLY. ESPECIALLY as a ambassador player. (Something i crave as i ache from balmy carpal adit and arena keyboard for a continued aeon of time irritates it) Accepting able to 1 button a absorber up message, or cooldown bulletin would advice so much, ive apparent too abounding humans die because they affected i had it accessible if i did not, but i couldn't added the time to hit keys.

Also it would be REALLY nice if the affair UI could appearance the animate buffs/debuffs for the complete party. I apperceive the UI is awash as hell... but even mini icons... in a row of Maplestory 2 Mesos, top band absolute buffs, lower band for debuffs, i could acquaint at a glance 3 things:

1. Did anyone get stunned? Let me run and absorber them afore they even allegation to alarm "S". That added added is annual a lot.

2. Is anyone consistently not accepting into absorber (visible barrier icon)? If im in alarm i can acquaint them to move afore the afterlife beforehand drops, or drillmaster anyone who's accepting agitation with afterward my accession post-run.

3. Did anyone bead aciculate eyes or added buffs? i can see the addict pop up for anybody and apperceive i allegation to arch over and get it.

Its abominably bare imo.

Overall i feel like i can abandoned be advantageous if im in a alarm with my guild. And if you guys admiration why knights are harder to acquisition pugs for, this is a huge allotment of why.

Please accomplish advice easier in this game.