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Nov-05-2018 Categories: news

I acclimated to abhorrence Kandura and afresh I got all the mechanics down. Kandura is absolute simple and predictable. I complained before, but Kandura ability be just as simple if not easier as Lubelisk.

Stage 1: Send two players to anniversary ancillary and accomplishment that Kandura all-overs down and punmel him until 18mil. If not, stick the minibosses and abstain them if they alpha to adjust their hair (you apperceive what I mean).

He runs beneath 18mil or if the minibosses are down. He is able to be attacked on the average belvedere if he casts his red arena skill.

Stage 2: Prefire Kandura and use a Wizard or accession top dps ranged to get rid of shades, anticipate Red Duke until 9mil. Abstain his brand strike, screens and 4 slashes. He debuffs 2 players with a black a few times, use those two for dps and the blow for adumbration cleanup. Consistently accumulate mashing teleport or dash. He runs about 8-9mil. Consistently watch the Adumbration adverse at the top, already he alcove III, he will anon casting Red Hand.

Stage 3: Kandura is abashed for a few abnormal if you appear up the ladder; use it for admired dps time. He will do his aforementioned moves for 2 cycles and afresh alpha succing already he allotment to the ladder area. Afterwards that, his succ is rng, appropriately why we cede our everyman DPS actuality usually. He will aswell move aback and alternating amid platforms but he will consistently acknowledgment to the breadth abutting to the ladder. Aswell he starts application a 3 allegation laser move at about 4 mil, just abstain the third trail.

At 1mil, he allotment to the arctic end on the aboriginal belvedere and will spam screens and brand smash, do your best to abstain the brand accident as he will consistently go for areas that wasn't targeted by the screen. Usually I just go next to him and teleport to the added ancillary as the brand comes. He does not move from this breadth already he starts accomplishing this.

Some added tips...eat the aegis analeptic and the cupcake to catchbasin his brand if you accept low HP. Don't be abashed of the Red Duke if you are new, it's accept to die if you can't get in a bend fast enough. It's accessible the catchbasin the Red Duke if you accept elixirs or healing lapentiers also. Don't be too far up the ladder if he succs contrarily you get succed in anyways.

S rank all the time now, even if my Wizard was about 3.5k. And the chaplet has alone for me 3 times. Kandura has been my admired for the accomplished 50 runs.

However,Jumbalumba said that, for date 1, you don't accept to breach up 2 and 2 to anniversary side, you can go 4/0, which may be easier for lower geared characters. Kandura aswell leaves starting at 18.5 mil (or the 2 soldiers are killed).

For Date 2, I would go with the abstraction to consistently accept (at least) 2 bodies killing shades, even if you accept the amethyst debuff. Sometimes bodies die and can't accomplish it to killing shades in time, so the ones with amethyst debuff accept to do it even if it is difficult. This is added accordant for lower geared teams because 1 top geared dps can usually bright all the shades easily.

Stage 3: for the blot move, you don't accept to cede anyone and it's not in actuality based on rng except for who he stuns. With quick abundant reactions, even the being that gets abashed for 4 abnormal can abstain the suck of cheap Maplestory 2 Mesos. Some bodies say this makes him do the blot move afresh but actually, whether he does the blot move afresh is behindhand of whether he has captivated anyone or not (he can do it afresh and afresh and even blot all 4). Aswell the blot can blot added than 1 amateur at the aforementioned time (though I've abandoned accomplished 2 at a time so I don't apperceive if accepting 3 or 4 captivated calm is possible).