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Feb-10-2019 Categories: news

Why does infernog charge 9k GS if it's so easy? DPS analysis abundant easier than CPAP too. I'm arena in OCE, breadth there's a absolute curtailment of 9k GS knights and priests. Sadly, 9k GS is abundantly RNG gated. You could accept 30% bore 20% bang-up accident but artlessly cucked by allegorical weapon RNG.

Personally I've done as abundant as 280m in CPAP aback if I was still on +11 wep. However, I artlessly couldn't accompany infernog runs could cause I lacked the GS, a absurd aggregate that has annihilation to do with one's adeptness to bright infernog. I account a abounding aggregation of 8k GS can calmly bright it, it feels so abundant easier than CPAP.

This is so damaging to the community, both for the players who are advanced and those who are behind. 9k+ GS players charge to acquisition added 9k GS players with the appropriate class. This is a absolute baby basin of humans to accept from in a abate server like OCE.

Add in the actuality that not anybody plays at the aforementioned time, award an accessible affair is in actuality harder than in actuality allowance the raid. Also, there are absolute bound 9k knights/priests, buy Maplestory 2 Mesos which agency if all dps ambition their clears, these knights/priests will accept to run way accomplished their cap.

In the end, the able get stronger and bypass time gating, while those who aren't advantageous abundant to get top enchants on the legendaries will not be accepting their accessories (which arguably charge the a lot of of aback you accept to unsocket).

Why is there a charge for an bogus barrier above the already absolute time gate? If the arrest is easier than CPAP in agreement of DPS analysis (mechanics is debatable), why does it accept a college GS requirement?

It's so difficult to acquisition a affair that a lot of players who accept 9k that I apperceive don't even bother accomplishing the arrest (since the rewards are brainless as well).

Nexon claimed that they believed absolution new agreeable was important. But what the fuck is the point of new agreeable that in actuality abandoned 20 to 30 humans in an absolute server can do? This makes in fact no business sense. Does Nexon not ambition to accomplish money?

If added humans are able to do it, added humans will be spending merets on elixirs. If you're aggravating to do a final banknote in, at atomic do a bigger job. Accidental humans on cheep and reddit assume to accept added anticipation than the humans in actuality accepting paid to sit in Nexon authoritative decisions that account neither the amateur or Nexon themselves.

Come on Nexon. I accept so abundant money I can spend. You're not giving me affidavit to absorb it on you. Do you not wanna accomplish some candied gains?? (BTW if meso bazaar is alien I for abiding ain't gonna be spending on that. Would rather acquirement from meso affairs sites) In actuality abolish fairfight and lower the GS to 8.3k or smth and I'll instantly draft a 100 bucks on UGC and shit.