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Dec-05-2018 Categories: news

Everyone keeps adage you are bound into 2 dungeons now. That's alone accurate if you already acquire your armor and accessories and are cutting out weapons. The redesign makes you do a minimum of 3 of the 6 dungeons to progress. You can do a few runs for weapons afresh a few of something abroad for armors and it armament you to do 3. I alone now never run annihilation but FD could cause it's an all across-the-board dungeon. I acquire like 1 bright of the added dungeons and about 300 FD.

If weapon is all you acquire larboard to plan on afresh the chang doesn't do much. However leveling alts and new players are traveling to acquire to run minimum 3 altered dungeons and can breach up their time alive 3 altered dungeons a day or focus 1 section of accessory down at a time if that's your thing.

Weapon is the a lot of acute section of accessories and anybody should accent it over annihilation else. This is why humans accumulate agriculture FD instead of agriculture accessories.

New players and alts will be affected to play lube/rog and ashore with characterless armors and dejected accessories because those artlessly aren't priorities. Perfectly formed armors may advice you bright Lube in 8 min, but a +15 weapon and characterless armors can bright in 5 min.

Before the amend you could end up with whatever armor, acceptable or bad, while still accepting weapon dupes. Accepting to +15 can yield weeks and weeks afterwards advantageous rolls, so afterwards this arrangement is implemented, it will still yield the aforementioned bulk of time it would acquire beneath the old system, except you run 2 altered dungeons than you ran before, and now if you do assuredly get your +15 weapon, you still will not acquire armor.

If you use your runs to get armor, your weapon will yield that abundant longer. There's no way to explain about it. This massively slows down progression from what we apperceive now, and solves no problems. They just gave the problems a apathetic remix.

In the accepted system, and the new one, already you get to +15 on whatever weapon blazon you chose (murp, msl, ancient) you could run any alcove you wish too, but until +15 you're ashore to two. The complaints are because +15 takes so long, no ones wants to be ashore to 2 that absolute time, so they capital all 6 dungeons to bead weapons. Instead of accomplishing that, the devs ashore anybody with the aforementioned 2 dungeons for weapons. At atomic afore we had the advantage of which set of 2 to do.

The alone achievement is this band from the anniversary 6 accompaniment of the bold dev blog:

"Along with the new accession of Accustomed Chaos Raids, all-embracing progression and requirements for alluring will change. Amuse breach acquainted for the amend on aboriginal December to accommodate us with added feedback."

If they abolish the weapon butt claim from enchanting, afresh this change makes absolute faculty and Maplestory 2 Mesos buy may not be so bad. They REALLY charge to allege up about what that agency anon though.