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Oct-05-2018 Categories: news

In your opinion, would adopting the Max Lv to 100+ be a acceptable affair or a bad thing, and why?

Following some apropos from some players that the accepted akin cap is so simple that humans with founders backpack can get 6 chars to lv 50 afore a lot of humans even blow the game, how would you like if the akin cap was decidedly raised? Why?

Increasing the akin cap would abandoned in actuality plan if added agreeable is added that makes the new akin cap account it. As humans acquire declared in this subreddit, afterwards (I anticipate this is correct, not 100%) about akin 73ish there isn't anymore complete quests/content to do so you're kinda ashore traveling the apathetic avenue of cutting mobs/running the aforementioned dungeons.

The way I see it, we would allegation a arrangement like MS1 had with assorted job advancements and complete agreeable revolving about the college levels for this to plan efficiently. Sadly KMS2 just got 2nd job adv so any achievement if this accepting accurate is far into the future.

Also -- at atomic in my assessment -- it's not so abundant that 50 (60 for launch) is the akin cap that's aggravation me. I'm affronted that you can just get to 50 as fast as a ammo out of a gun if you skip the ballsy questline cutscenes. There's little to no faculty of progression unless you feel that advance accessory abandoned column 50 is progression.

I still accede that headstart was a bad abstraction because of what you declared above. 6 characters and assorted alcove runs on anniversary is traveling to bones the abridgement for players who alpha on Oct 10th.

But all-embracing I feel that befitting the leveling arrangement to be this quick was a huge blank on Nexon's part. I'm not adage achieve it pre-bb MS1 slow... but at atomic achieve me work/want to strive to get to that akin cap instead of just handing it out to me.

In my own opinion, I feel like the akin cap should be hit by a accidental amateur in about a ages of playing, and a absolute hardcore amateur 1.5/2 weeks, and that exp would be broadcast amid levels 0-100 (my own pet peeve, I like bigger numbers than just 50).

I feel like even admitting preBB ms1 was brutal, there was one aspect of the leveling acceleration that fabricated ALL of the difference. It was the actuality that 2 humans who aren't absolutely at the aforementioned atom in progression, could advance calm for hours.

With the abbreviate akin cap, it feels like unless you and accession being are in the exact aforementioned point in the ballsy questline, or like both at absolutely the aforementioned level, you wont be able to advance together, unless one agrees to move back. I feel this is absolute arresting because that's something I would do absolute generally in preBB ms1.

Logging in, Maplestory 2 Mesos and acquisition my friends, and go do accepting together, because even admitting I was 22, accession acquaintance was 25, and accession 28, we could still do kpq calm and all of us would progress.

At college levels this abandoned became bigger in a sense. A lv 80 amateur was continued means abaft a lv 85 amateur in agreement of time, but they could both advance and play calm if they capital to.