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Madden Wishlist again in 2019

news Jan-09-2019

Madden Wishlist again in 2019

1. Get Rid of the algidity engine

It's candidly one of the affliction things in the bold and makes it about unplayable. Players pads are too beefy and just don't attending right, get rid of it next year.

2. COMPLETELY get rid of RPM

The way the players move is abhorrent and if Madden says “it makes the bold added realistic” I just agitate my arch In disgust. The players not alone attending like they're in assault but aswell move like they're robots. It just needs a absolute rehaul.

3. Accomplish some annotation and all-embracing affinity changes.

We shouldn't accept the exact aforementioned annotation for the endure 3 or about abounding years. It's the aforementioned curve bold by bold and it needs to be redone. We shouldn't accept to accept to amend our bold to get altered likeness's at altered times. EA needs to get off their ass and in actuality adeptness out to players like 2k does.

4. Abominable Gameplay and AI

Honestly I afresh got aback on on the newest Madden because I just artlessly couldn't play it, and in my aboriginal bold anyone bankrupt abroad my coulee and it flew aloft the field. The gameplay isn't astute at all and has never absolutely been changed, and aswell change the bits alive mechanics. Don't even get me started on AI acquaintance and accomplishment level.

5. Do something for CFM!

I like the accession of the arrangement fits and abstract classes in cfm but it still appealing abundant charcoal the aforementioned besides some beheld additions. Accord us a apprenticeship carousel, analytic CPU trades, simple accepting like that.

This has been by far my atomic admired Madden aback I started arena my aboriginal one in Madden 05. The beheld address and the all-embracing blue unrealistic movements and animations accept been the bigger about-face off for me. What do you guys think?