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May-18-2018 Categories: news

As Antonio Brown has been one of/if not the best advanced receiver in the NFL these accomplished brace of years, it's a abruptness that he hasn't gotten the awning yet.

Here I'm traveling to account added candidates that would aswell accomplish faculty but Madden 19 Coins afresh prove why Antonio Brown would be a added analytic choice. I will aswell account a few affidavit why he deserves it.

1, Nick Foles will not be a starter. With Camps starting, barring a abrupt injury, teams already accept their plan for quarterback. As abundant as he was a hero in the air-conditioned bowl, it wouldn't accomplish faculty to accord the awning to a guy who will not play a lot in the analysis anyways. (At atomic he wouldn't get the Madden curse!)

2, Carson Wentz didn't play in the playoffs and wasn't animate in the eagles run. Well, this one adeptness activity some humans up, so let me explain. Carson Wentz was the face of the authorization in the approved season. I accept if he didn't get injured, he would accept won MVP. But in the playoffs he wasn't amenable for the Eagles win. Nick Foles and the aegis was.

3, Alvin Kamara/Marshon Lattimore had absurd amateur seasons, but they accept to put both or none. Also, OBJ wouldn't accept won the awning if he didn't accept that one duke catch. Antonio Brown would. Alvin Kamara and Marshon fabricated highlight plays, but not an iconic one. (The abject interception was appealing air-conditioned though) Also, the minneapolis phenomenon happened to them the next week.

4, The Minneapolis Phenomenon was fantastic, but admonish yourself what happened the next week. I feel like however, this one would accomplish the a lot of sense. Also, Case Keenum isn't on the vikings anymore. It was a abundant moment, but is it adumbrative of the vikings future?

5, Jimmy G alone played 5 games. Abiding it would be a awning to appearance that the 49ers will be a alarming aggregation this year, but it wouldn't represent endure year.

6, Stafford was abundant this season, but he wasn't in the playoffs. And he has a adventitious to accomplishment 4th in the analysis this year.

7, Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald got agape out in the aboriginal annular of the playoffs. Again, able candidates here. AB did get agape out aboriginal as well. But his case is added about anyone who has adapted the awning for years now. This adeptness be the endure adventitious for him to get it. Todd and Donald still will accept a adventitious for years to appear with a ablaze future.

8, Does Duval accept a bright best player? As abundant as their analysis was, it was added of a aggregation effort. Usually covers go to a bright leader. Duval has 5 leaders.

9, Aaron Rodgers and JJ Watt were hurt.

10, Antonio Brown has been consistently a top ten amateur for the accomplished half-decade, and this is the best adventitious to accord it to him. His aggregation is aswell playoff caliber. He aswell has a personality and adventure that's account putting on the cover.

However, this awning is still up for grabs. Thoughts?