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May-08-2018 Categories: news

It does not bulk the superior of the amateur or the traits. I accept acquainted in guys that accept an OVR of 90+ with run afterwards catch, 90+ on blueprint catch, CIT, catching, avenue alive etc....

They consistently wind up Madden Coins with 8-9 yards per catch. I accept approved altered playbooks and admonition seems to announce NO or NE playbooks. I use advance offense, NO playbook and am STACKED at all positions, abnormally QB, WR and OL.

Is this just me?

Madden seems to absolutely abridgement accession and charge to afterlight their game. I best up '18 in the hopes of bigger franchise, but nope. This is acceptable hte endure time I anytime aces up an EA game.

Realized this too because those are my admired playbooks. Packers seems to accept a playbook that's works abundant for WRs. Nelson and Adams consistently end up with over 80 catches anniversary if I'm simming in franchise.

So the endure year, the stats for my WR 2, application NO playbook and advance breach (oh and my aggregation breach is a 99).

24 years old, 93 overall, 6'4 230 lbs and he is a complete stud

98 catches 962 yards 12 TDs

He has abundant annealed arm, circuit and juke, elusiveness and trucking for a WR, and has the run afterwards bolt advantage in his traits.

This is about the best I accept anytime had a WR 2. I accept to circle my WRs to accumulate appropriate stats for them all to hit milestones.

My QB is a 99 overall, best in league, best arm, etc.

Same in my 32 man franchise. WR2 gets lots of catches but little yards.

Thing I did I bung a adolescent amateur that madden mobile coins needs lots of catches and accumulation up his communicable totals. I use Advance in both playbook and arrangement but aforementioned happens with West coast.