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Madden NFL17 - New to Anger 17 charge some tips

I consistently play as the bears. I usually aboriginal attending for alshon

jeffrey, Im alway actual close, and it assume s like all amateur are endure

minute bs out of nowhere. (last win MUT 17 Coins was the bears vs bears lol, i won by


  I await a lot on quick passes, because it seems bigger allotment of

completion. Are there any added reliable best ones? i angular appear corners, or

coil flats.I don't apperceive the abstruse accepting like what zones beggarly vs

man or blitz.However I absolutely don't wish to , because i feel like if i focus

on canyon timing it works better.

  What are some tips that could advice me play bigger as the bears?

  You will be a bigger amateur if you apprentice the technicalities of the

altered zones and defense, it will let you aces plays bigger ill-fitted to

adverse that defense. Every aegis has a weakness, you just accept to apperceive

how to accomplishment it.

  Also, the endure minute BS never stops. That's been anger aback I've played

anger 64 in the old Nintendo 64 system. It never goes away.

  Zone- Anniversary amateur who is assigned to awning has a assertive breadth

of the acreage they patrol. This leaves assertive areas of the acreage open,

  Man- Anniversary apostle assigned to awning a receiver on the opposing

aggregation one-on-one. This leaves defenders affected to accepting burnt for

big plays.

  Blitz- Sending added players than accustomed to sack the QB, can

aftereffect in big plays if breach counters successfully.

  Also, use your checkdown routes (short routes that are usually open), and

mix up your playcalling. I use a lot of over-the-middle routes and try to

absolute my abysmal shots.

  Let me apperceive if you accept any questions about the altered types of

coverages in Madden.

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