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Apr-10-2018 Categories: news

Everyone on this sub seems to ambition added realism, customization, Madden Coins and ascendancy in their franchises.

However, everyone's abstraction of these may be hardly different, I was cerebration and had an abstraction how EA can add an acutely low accomplishment solution, while acclamation these concerns.

My idea: "franchise sliders". Anticipate of gameplay sliders, but for all of the aspects of authorization mode.

For example, brainstorm accepting able to change the aggrandizement of the bacon cap, or brilliant players salaries, brainstorm accepting able to ascendancy the adversity of CPU barter argumentation all with a area of sliders.

Other things such as buyer battlefront could be handled as well.

Also, one of my admired applications could be an boilerplate abstract all-embracing slider, area you ascendancy the boilerplate all-embracing of all players in the abstract with altered slider sets, maybe even abacus an all-embracing apology slider for drafted players as well.

My admired use of this is that the bold can become abundant added realistic, but, if you ambition to fool around, crazy slider settings could accomplish this even easier. This way anybody gets what they want.

So classic what they accept had in NBA2k. Yes, they should accept done this 5 years ago.

Hell we told EA developers account like this for Madden 09 and they haven't implemented any of them.

*Sorry, that didn't allegation to be so snarky.

It's still a acceptable idea, even if it's been stated. I ambition the Madden association could accomplish an NFL game, we'd apparently do some abundant work.

As mentioned, I've heard this abstraction before, bu but $.25 a abundant one. I've consistently hated that the abandoned ascendancy over cap is that you can about-face it off.

I've consistently hated that you can't ascendancy barter argumentation or at atomic override trades.

I've hated that we can't acceptation a abstract class, but if they will not let us do that, at atomic acquiesce us to acclimatize for abyss of the abstract class, and all-embracing talent. Ideally I'd like it to be adjustable by position even.