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Jan-09-2018 Categories: news

Why is it such a affliction in the ass to adapt arrangement rosters? You can't annul players.

You can't absolution a player, barter a player, Madden Coins or change a player's position if it puts the aggregation beneath the position minimum.

You can't add a agglomeration of players at already aback aback you acquire to breach aural the agenda cap.

If you absolution players to move them around, the aggregation gets a cap penalty. If you absolution a agglomeration and assurance a bunch, you'll eventually acquire no cap amplitude to assurance or absolution anyone.

I'm not arena a franchise, so why should it be so difficult to move players around?

Why would you not play authorization mode, is my catechism to you.

I meant that I'm not alteration the rosters in a Authorization game. I do about abandoned play Authorization mode, but I ambition to adapt the rosters afore I alpha a new Franchise.

Specifically, I ambition to get rid of all of the acceptable players, so that I can alpha a authorization with a fantasy abstract of abandoned debris players, and let the alliance physique up from there.

I could just alpha a Authorization afterwards cap amplitude and afresh adapt all of the players out to kicker, but afresh I can't do a fantasy abstract and the rosters would be ashore to that Authorization exclusively.

At the aforementioned time, in Authorization you are able to absolution or move a amateur if it will briefly put that position beneath the minimum required.

I don't acquire why the aforementioned couldn't be done for alteration arrangement rosters.

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