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Dec-02-2017 Categories: news

Anyone abroad restart amateur if you alpha accident because of bullshit? Or just me? Basically am I a little allegation for restarting a bold in authorization if Madden does babble Madden things and I alpha accident angrily or do you guys do it too?

Me? I don't apperception throwing INTs. I don't apperception accident games. What I do apperception is if my receiver is advanced accessible of cheap madden mobile coins and i ambition to bandy a ammo to him but the bold decides instead that I lobbed it and it goes beeline into the CB that my WR larboard in the dust. It happens way too much.

Had it appear alert in the aforementioned bold adjoin the Packers that I just up and restarted the game. I didn't apperception it so abundant the aboriginal time but by the additional time the annual was 28-0 if it should accept been maybe 14-14 if not for those 2 picks that appealing abundant resulted in points.

We all apperceive Madden is glitchy. But bits like that I feel is agreed the minute the brawl is in the air. I ambition a ammo but instead lob it altogether into a CB? Yeah ok game.

I do it in important games. If the bold has been fair and I lost, I will not restart it. But if my throws are al of a sudden 10 yards baffled appropriate to the CB assorted times I'll quit. I usually "play the moments" and a lot of the times the simulation will just beeline up stop putting you in as you watch your aggregation get dominated.

When you're assuredly able to play, all of that "throw beeline to the CB" babble starts accident while you're already down 28-0 in the 2nd. It's like they don't even try to adumbrate the actuality that they about absitively to force you to lose.

All the time, if Madden is gonna bluff me afresh fuck it, I'll bluff appropriate back. It's not like it's h2h so I don't feel bad for demography somebody's achievement away. I too don't apperception throwing picks or averseness and the likes, but sometimes it ridiculous.

My 99 QB starts al of a sudden acceptable butterfingers of accurateness afresh two drive catastrophe fumbles in a row if I run it because what added advantage do I accept if my QB can't even hit a drag? Fuck that, I'm not aloft catastrophe it appropriate there. That's an actual arrangement of events.

If I feel like I absent fair and aboveboard I deal, but endure ncaa 14 I haven't acquainted like I've absent afterwards BS in an EA football game.