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Dec-04-2017 Categories: news

I couldn't bulk out how to put this beneath the title, but actuality goes: this guy was an abominable Madden player. His aegis was awful, I could basically run whatever I capital and it worked.

The key to this guy's "success" was his offense: he ran one play. Repeatedly. Playaction, which he hot baffled out of and afresh confused his rb to accomplish it a 5 wr set.

Two improvement routes on the outside, a abysmal post, and an in route. I don't even apperceive what his rb did because he never threw it to him.

Dude would anon cycle out with Russell Wilson and hit the column aboriginal or late.

He had this play down to a science, to the point breadth he denticulate 35 points. But he had no business accomplishing so. I've apparent this play endless times in leagues and apperceive how to stop it, but aback this was the alone play he anytime runs, it took me a minute.

The bigger key to his success was even afterwards accepting sacked 13 times, he would no ataxia anon and usually beat my absolute advantage which acquired all those sacks afore because the amateur that in actuality dead his play would be exhausted.

At that point, I knew I had him and just waited until the end of the game. Affronted 35-35, with the 2 minute admonishing advancing and his three antecedent TDs advancing from 3rd and 4th and 40+ touchdown bombs from no huddling, I alleged a abeyance afterwards burglary him and causing a 3rd and 28.

No no ataxia possible. Afresh he got sacked afresh and approved to no huddle, but the two minute admonishing hit afore he could breeze it. Now he was fucked.

He came out and affected to run a play, ambagious the alarm and got a adjournment of game. Afresh he punted(wow!).

I systematically collection into the redzone(like I said earlier, his aegis was terrible.) He acclimated up his timeouts and I kicked a bold acceptable acreage goal.

Guys like this are not good. Use your tools. Use qb contain. Use hot avenue arresting adjustments. Use qb spy. Bulk out why assertive routes are killing you and adjust to buy madden mobile coins.

I've ashamed guys in leagues who approved to spam plays like this, admitting it accepting a badly cheesey play.

Do not accept the hype: cheese is not unstoppable.