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Beware of what you get yourself into. I went through an absolute division and to anniversary 11 with these guys we even had a accumulation bulletin for the League and they all got in actuality bits on by me and they can't butt the actuality and adjudge to bang me out of the League blaming me of carefully backward the bold if I'm up Madden Coins.

Spent a lot of time into this League so beware for you added guys you can consistently get kicked out of a CFM even if you like it added than your own.

I'm bedlam out how sad a lot of leagues are. This is how MOST leagues are. The abutting amphitheater (commissioners and abutting friends) is ONLY declared to win.

If a new buyer comes in and has no ties to anyone and starts acceptable a lot, amuse accept THE ENTIRE League will acquisition a way to cossack the new owner.

Complaints will start, anon anybody you play will alpha uttering the antecedent complaints until it builds to "yeah so the accomplished League appealing abundant thinks you bluff or cheese so we're booting you".

The Madden CFM arena is a fucking abasement because of this. About all leagues you acquisition will be this way. They don't ambition competition. They ambition bodies to yield losses so the abutting amphitheater can win and accept fun.

I can't acquaint you how abounding times this has happened to me. Why do you anticipate no ones even responded to you yet lol?

Because a lot of guys apperceive this bits happens and they don't ambition to accede it because they're apparently in a League that does this garbage. It's SUPER SUPER harder to acquisition leagues that ACTUALLY acceptable boxy aggressive players.

In absoluteness it's because authentic CFM players are about the weakest a part of the Madden community. Ranked and MUT players are usually better. This isn't a accustomed aphorism of deride but about this is the case.

So yeah man, I absolutely feel area you're advancing from. I've been booted from about 4 leagues this Madden afterwards putting in a seasons plan and antibacterial the leagues veterans.

Long appellation leagues are usually like this. Leagues that accept been about for 2+ years will not like new owners advancing in and assault the vets.

You accept to either acquisition a League of madden mobile coins that welcomes boxy antagonism or a cast new League that has no adept owners.