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Madden's Day 30 Title Amend is live, and with it comes new accessibility appearance for the dark and visually impaired.

I will be announcement best guides, but here's a blemish area that describes the new rumbles. These accept the eyes assists ambience is affronted on, which is activate beneath beheld assists in customize.

Section Basic Bold play Reference

Kick exhausted rules:

The bang exhausted has three boom events, in the afterward order. 1. A double-rumble to announce the exhausted is moving

1, A boom to baddest power.

2, A boom to baddest accuracy.

When hitting A/X on the bang play, you will feel a double-rumble to announce the exhausted is moving.

If you columnist A/X afore the added boom event, you will accept lower power. If you absence hitting the button to baddest power, it will aftereffect in lower power. Columnist A/X as anon as you feel the boom for greatest power.

Adeptness indicates how far the brawl will be kicked.

The third boom accident is accuracy, acute the button anon afterwards activity the boom is recommended. Not acute the button at all will aftereffect in a berserk inaccurate kick, acceptable off the field.

The acceleration of these challenge is controlled by adversity level. There is beneath time to acknowledge on college difficulties.

Ball carrier rules:

If you do not blow the stick, the amateur will automatically try to abstain players and run arise the end zone. If you ambition to steer, use larboard stick, and accumulate branch "up" to move arise the goal. If you feel rumbles, that agency an opponent is aggravating to accouterment you – B/Circle to try to circuit abroad from opponents, or use X/Square to try to dive with the brawl for added yards. See brawl carrier area of user chiral if you ambition to try added avant-garde moves.

Defense rules:

Your job is to block breach players and accouterment the brawl carrier. The players will all move automatically if you abstain hitting a stick. Columnist A if you feel a boom to appoint an breach amateur or accouterment the brawl carrier.


When the bold starts, one of two things will happen.


If you are on offense, if the commentators go silent, you can bang the ball. Acute A/X will baddest the absence appropriate bang play.

See bang exhausted rules for data on the bang meter.

Once the brawl is kicked, your role will about-face to endlessly the brawl carrier from advancing. Columnist A/X if you feel a boom to accouterment the player. All characters will automatically move arise the brawl carrier. You are now on defense.


If you are on aegis – the ambassador will exhausted to announce you allegation to baddest a play. Acute A/X will baddest the absence appropriate play. Your appearance will move automatically to bolt the ball. Do not blow the sticks until you hear the brawl accepting caught. You are now on breach and chase brawl carrier rules.

After kick-off, you will alpha acrimonious plays.


Press A/X to aces appropriate play. Columnist A/X afresh to breeze the brawl (passes it to the quarterback so he can accomplish a play). If you breeze the ball, you will feel one abbreviate boom for run plays, and one continued boom for casual plays.

Run plays

You will feel a abbreviate boom if the play is a run play. The QB will duke the brawl off immediately, and brawl carrier rules apply.

Pass plays. You will feel a continued boom if it is a canyon play. Tap all of the afterward afresh until you feel a rumble: A/X, B/circle, X/square, Y/triangle. In the game, icons arise over anniversary player’s arch the aboriginal time they are open for a pass. By borer all the buttons, you are ensuring that the amateur is accessible as aboriginal as possible. There is no agreement that a amateur will abide open. Already you feel the rumble, the brawl is in the air and you accept to anon stop tapping. Columnist X/square to attack to grab bolt the brawl and run arise the goal, columnist Y/triangle if you ambition to attack to aggressively bolt for greater allowance of accepting the ball. Already the anesthetized brawl is caught, brawl carrier rules apply.

Punt plays

You will feel the bang meter’s bifold boom if the called play is a punt play. Chase the bang exhausted rules.

Fake punt plays

Rarely suggested, affected punt plays are in actuality run/pass plays, but attack to ambush the added aggregation into cerebration it is a punt play. The bang exhausted rules apply, but the brawl will not be kicked. Anon afterwards the bang exhausted rumbles, you will feel a continued boom for canyon plays and abbreviate boom for run plays. See the descriptions of those play types above.


Press A/X to aces the appropriate play. You will feel a boom if the quarterback snaps the ball, but it is the aforementioned boom for all types of plays. If you feel addition boom appropriate afterwards this, afresh the brawl was anesthetized and is in the air.

Try acute Y to block it. Swap players application B/Circle and columnist A/X if you feel a boom to appoint breach players or accouterment the brawl carrier. Aegis rules contrarily apply. Touchdown If a touchdown occurs, there’s an attack to get extra points. The appropriate play will either be a punt play or a affected punt play. Abhorrent and arresting rumbles and rules apply. Afterwards a touchdown, alpha occurs again, with the ball’s ascendancy switching teams.

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