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Oct-11-2017 Categories: news

I don't usually advance this website because the moderators are huge EA dick riders but.....this guy Rebel10 on page 56 of this cilia hits the attach on the arch in commendations to the accepted accompaniment of Madden.

Franchise approach has gotten worse aback 2005. It’s bright EA wants Madden to alteration arise MUT and Madden mobile coins online play.

Just throwing this out there. One of the atomic candid EA guys on Cheep is John White, who active up the CFM/Franchise stuff.

I don't apperceive him, I accept no beef with him personally, but maybe, just maybe, he doesn't apperceive what goes into a acceptable CFM/Franchise mode. I ambition to say he formed on Arch Coach but maybe I'm wrong.

Anyways, I'm not abiding we've advised the actuality that maybe EA with its accepted administration and developers just don't apperceive what should be in a authorization mode.

Maybe their analogue of Sim is altered than ours. Maybe their account for a accepted offline authorization approach are altered than ours.

I apperceive Clint and others say that just because they don't acknowledge doesn't beggarly they haven't heard us, but its harder to accept an honest altercation on what we as consumers ambition to see if the advance authorization guy doesn't communicate.

We accept no abstraction what he is thinking. They allegedly anticipation the abstract lath was a huge success. That was their direction.

I assumption the catechism is this (and maybe Rex, John or Clint are account this), how can we accept allusive chat and discuss, suggest, define what we'd like to see?

It's bright that the gamers (franchise guys) aren't blessed and I'm abiding EA is ailing of our repetitive tweets that just get confused to the aback of the line.

I feel like the adverse accuracy is that we are a boyhood and in actuality not on EA's radar. It is abundant easier and requires beneath accomplishment for them to amuse H2H and MUT guys rather than authorization guys. I apperceive 2K does both abundantly able-bodied but the Madden aggregation is just not as talented.

If they do ambition to listen, they could just attending actuality and at atomic acquisition the added accepted complaints. But the a lot of acceptable book is they pop a brace actualization that complete nice but accept no abyss to them, advertise enough, and repeat. At this point, attending at how aggregate in authorization is a blend and affiliated in odd ways.

Sliders aftereffect this that and the added affair rather than whatever it is advised to be. Can't change CPU playbook afterwards crumbling 10 mins per game, banausic banausic blah.

They in actuality allegation to alpha from the arena up IMO and atom the blend that was created in CFM. (and rename it to something that is not CFM)