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Madden Mobile - Madden NFL has gone acutely downhill

Obviously we all apperceive. The NFL has afraid EA into demography out what they assume fit. Tattoos, dreadlocks, custom plays, custom aggregation logos/building accept all been removed.

The account goes on and buy madden mobile coins on with all the issues Madden has and refuses to fix due to M.U.T. whales. Like abounding of you I abide to buy it year in and year out just for a abandoned authorization or a bisected ass created amateur career.

We charge to assuredly angle calm as a association and stop paying for this pos torn ass game. The honest accuracy is that for every accepting that drops 1K in M.U.T is accounting for 15 humans paying for the approved game. We charge to achieve it acquainted by our wallets which is all EA cares about.

For a aggregation as big as EA with sales as ample as Madden's are, such a baby avoid candidly doesn't do anything. If cipher is acquainted of the avoid except the boycotters, its not absolutely an able boycott, its just you electing not to buy the game.

This is a bold that sells 5 million+ copies every year behindhand of the game's quality. The issues with Madden don't even get any media attention, allegedly because EA has their ads everywhere on every gaming website.

So, as abundant as its an admirable goal, the allowance of a avoid accepting accessible or able on any affectionate of calibration are low.

I candidly don't see how absolute licensing isn't credible as a cartel in cases like this. It seems like an accessible and shut case.

It's because there isn't a cartel on authoritative a football game, just on application NFL teams and players, which the NFL and Players' Association accept the appropriate to authorization as they see fit.

Any aggregation can achieve a football game, but authoritative that blazon of investment afterwards accepting able to use the absolute teams and players is too abundant of a banking risk.

To be honest, I would acquiescently buy a non-licensed football bold that had all of the authorization accretion and whistles humans accept been allurement for for years.

As it is, already you're 6 or 7 years into a Madden franchise, a lot of of the players are about generated computer models anyway, so all that would be missing are the accustomed uniforms.

But it's been accurate in the accomplished that not accepting clearly accountant is a ambrosial huge damage to authoritative sports games. 2K approved in the accomplished to achieve a football bold afterwards licensing and it didn't advertise able-bodied at all. To the point breadth they had to stop authoritative it because it wasn't axis a profit.

I'm with you, I don't accord a bits about licensing. I in actuality bought and played that 2K football game. I've aswell been arena OOTP baseball aback afore it was clearly licensed. Annihilation stops you from recreating all the official teams in the bold if you absolutely want. Like you said, players bound get replaced anyways.