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I agree with you completely. I stopped chasing every new player, and have gone all Cowboys. I'm having way more fun now. I get to focus on Madden Mobile Coins a few select players that I really enjoy instead of upgrading my random 95 RB to a new 98 RB just because.

Yeah man, got a full steelers team, the promos become less overwhelming when your only going for 1 or 2 guys you want rather than anything you can get your hands on. Focus on something and you’ll have more fun. There’s always gonna be a better card.

They should give everyone a pick of one of the two. You raise another interesting point here. It's a total kick in the teeth that people were able to pull these cards with such ease when just 4 days ago they had people spending valuable in game resources and real money to get Honors cards. Under normal circumstances, it's fine, you know they'll release better cards as the year goes on, but in this case, it's garbage because these "better cards" were free for the taking - if you were on early enough.

Not really (in terms of being on early). I was on at 8:55 am est ready for it to start, closing and opening the app until TOTY popped up. Once it did, i ground out a minimum of 1000 stamina on the Kareem Hunt live event on its own. The most i got was a TOTY moment collectible. I was on early grinding my ass of and didnt get one TOTY player and i have seen people on reddit with 4.

You still needed to be somewhat lucky to get that 10% pull, but it was easier to get the 10% pull early this morning than it is to get the 0.1-0.01% pull that it's at now. So it's a mix of the two for sure.

I'm not near as worried about getting these guys as most of the people freaking out here. If they boosted all my other TOTW players too then I'd be all about it. At best case you get maybe 2-3 of them unless you spend a lot of money. No sense in getting too worked up about it. I'd much rather have the honors players.

EA isn't going to remedy their mistake. It sucks if you missed out, for sure, but if this event and not the dozen or so other major screw-ups finally sends you packing, you'll love yourself more if you walk now.

Don’t think it’s that they didn’t get Hunt. Think it’s more of a complaint of “I spent 4000 MC on a player and three days later a glitch gives a lot of people a very similar player for free.”

Seems like a reasonable complaint to me. Although, I’m not sure how EA would go about remedying the situation aside from yanking the player out of users’ inventory. Knowing EA though that’s entirely possible.

I would prefer they did some type of reset since at this point it's going to mess up the in game market. My point was that if they are going to sell a card for way too much, don't make it so easy to get a comparable card relatively easy 24 hours later. It devalues the first card.