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Aug-09-2017 Categories: news

Is Anyone Abroad A Bit Disappointed? I beggarly I accepted this: to acquire focus on MUT and cartoon with the new Frostbite Engine. But afterwards watching some of the videos appear today, Madden looks added of the same. The animations attending the same, whether on acreage or sidelines, Madden Mobile Coins and even column game.

Yeah, some of the faces attending like the complete person, and the jerseys attending adapted enough. But idk, I assumption I was acquisitive for something a bit better.

Maybe my newfound absorption in NBA 2K these accomplished few years has got me a little spoiled. All I wish is an all-embracing CFM and able career mode. Is that actually too abundant to accomplishment for?

I am a day-one Madden client every year. But this year adeptness end up accepting the year I delay until it goes down in price. Hell, I adeptness aces aback up 17 if I charge to play Madden.

There will NEVER be a year breadth Madden will affect it's community. EVER. as continued as they acquire that authorization they acquire ZERO acumen to plan hard.

Hell ea didnt aftermath a basketball bold for a few years and 2k still ashamed it. Overhauling huge bold mechanics annual to try and advance the bold and they have! Hell do you apperceive how abounding altered buttond acquire been acclimated to bandy a accessory oop? At atomic 4 altered combinations.

I didn't apprehend a accomplished lot aback ahead the engine swaps/upgrades in Madden didn't appear with abundant else. It's been about what I figured, with a few affable surprises.

Not to acknowledgment that there's aswell a 5 page CFM blog advancing soon, so there still may be a accurate affection or two in there. A brace things I noticed (some good, some bad)

1,Same recycled coding (the ,3 tackles nonsense shows that).

2,Same animations, although they do accept a little added fluid.

3,QB accurateness seems to be a little added realistic.

4,Oline is still clueless if it comes to non-scripted blocking.

5,It added or beneath feels actually the aforementioned as Madden 17.

Granted, I don't accept any of the bold play was from PS4 Pro? Although I could be wrong. I'll bet the cartoon attending 1,000x bigger amphitheatre on your PS4 Pro/4k TV as against to watching a Youtube Video.

But again, I don't absorb $60 on a bold for the graphics.

I'll be cat-and-mouse a ages or so to buy this one.