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Madden Mobile - I am application the Jags in a online CFM

MMOGO Madden Mobile - I'm application the Jags in a online CFM. To me their a appealing solid aggregation all-around. Trouble areas for me are O-line, Safeties and Qb.

Question is does anyone apperceive any sleeper players I can possibly accomplish trades for afterwards giving up added key pieces?

Zack Martin (Cowboys) - 3rd Round

Jack Mewhort (Colts) - Chris Ivory and a 2018 7th round

Tony Romo - Patrick Omameh or Luke Joeckel (your RG) and a 4th annular pick.

EDIT: Deone Bucannon (Cardinals, MLB) for Aaron Colvin (not 100% sure). Change Bucannon to FS, 92 ovr.

Wait, you abandoned charge to barter a 3rd bastard for Zack Martin? Abuse that just shows how torn the barter arrangement is.

I beggarly the will acropolis cheese is acceptable for a few years afore he regresses if you're still aboriginal abundant in the division to get him.

All added acceptable safeties are traveling to ask for a ample barter price. If you barter for any appropriate linebacker afresh catechumen to bisected appropriate safeties.

As far as O-Line goes all autogenous lineman (guards and centers) can about consistently be acquired by trading a third annular pick.

The easiest band-aid is to get a few acceptable guards and catechumen 2 of them to tackles and afresh get a acceptable center. Trading for a accouterment will about alway bulk added than its worth.

If this isn't a applicable advantage get the drillmaster advantage (assuming you're a coach) for faster o-line training xp and run training drills that focus the o-line and abstract whoever had the best bank columnist at the combine.

As far as QB goes it depends on if you're arena or simulating. If you're simulating, any qb will accomplish adequately able-bodied as continued as they accept a appropriate band and at atomic 2 solid targets.

If you're playing, I consistently accept to accept abundant performances out of manziel admitting his abominable ratings but any QB on the barter block will be advantageous abundant until the abstract or a big time trade about Buy FIFA Mobile Coins.

If you're in your aboriginal season, Will Acropolis is about consistently accessible in chargeless agency. Acceptable assurance with appropriate advantage and arrest stats, and he's 27 so he'll accord you a few acceptable seasons.