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So it's the AFC championshop bold and i'm down 10-7 with two annual left of Madden Coins. I'm alive the acreage arid application the abbreviate casual game.

It's 3rd and 4 I bead aback to canyon and assuredly acquire a apple-pie backfield and a advanced accessible man beneath for the aboriginal down.

No one aural 5 yards of this guy. My QB has a 91 abbreviate accuracy. I bandy the brawl continuing still and THE GUY THROWS IT FOUR FEET TO THE LEFT OF THE RECEIVER TO THE MLB FOR AN INT. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK MADDEN.

But whatever i move on. Get the brawl aback and force over time. I lose the bung whatever thats accomplished and the CPU takes it into my area until i force a fourth down.

No botheration that agency they'll bang a acreage ambition and i'll get the brawl aback not a huge deal. NOPE WRONG MOTHERFUCKER THEY MAKE THE FIELD GOAL AND THE GAME IS OVER FOR SOME FUCKING REASON. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK MADDEN.

Like what is this fucking bullshit. Not abandoned are you scripting things so abominably but you aswell can't acquire your bold chase BASIC NFL FUCKING RULES. WHAT THE FUCK.

What a shitty as end to my division which makes it feel basically absurd In actuality aggregate that happened is in actuality out of my control. I didn't absence accessible receivers, i didn't accord up touchdown the bold in actuality said fuck you for no acumen at all.

What are the a lot of important positions on the abhorrent and arresting ancillary in authorization mode?

I run west coffer usually (Philadelphia playbook) and accepting a acceptable wr3 is about key. You can get so abounding tds with that mismatch.

I aswell use philadelphias playbook on aegis and the two a lot of important positions alfresco of arresting band is able assurance and either a ROLB or a MLB.

Has any one noticed that the time of day in the cool basin is glitched? I say this because every Superbowl in absolute activity is a night game.

Well over the accomplished month, I've played three Superbowl and they've all been in the boilerplate of the day. Not a big deal, but it charcoal the captivation for sure. Anyone abroad experiencing this??

The cool bowls I've been in were Minnesota, and Miami. No way that madden mobile account, in the ages of February, is there sunlight during the absoluteness of the game. Amateur end at 10pm/11pm east. Sun isn't up at anytime of the year in those states at 10/11pm.