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Has anyone had a amateur beforehand this abundant in one season? I drafted one of those already every 5-10 year QB's. Ya apperceive the guy who is 21 has an A bandy adeptness and B+ Mid and B+ Abbreviate accuracy. I afflicted my playbook to the advance and afflicted the arrangement to able arm.

Haayer came out of the abstract at an 83 all-embracing and his aboriginal year threw for 5300 yards and 44 touchdowns, landing at 3rd on the all time division yards and in the top 10 for casual TD's.

He won the MVP, Roty, and went from an 83 to a 97 in one year... and god he's got 15+ added years. Grunhard 2.0. Aswell I simmed this accomplished season.

That's appealing nuts, it's not aberrant to see guys with quick or SS dev jump 10 or so credibility if they win an accolade but that's about like a 75 traveling to 85, or a superstar assurance with low AWR and PRC accepting huge buffs to bargain attributes. 83 to 97 is crazy good.

Also yea his throwing stats are already so acceptable that I maxed out acquaintance and put both accuracies at 95. It’s crazy. Had like 55k to absorb at the end of the year just from awards and things. He was already 93 overall.

I accept noticed application the advance playbook and simming the amateur puts up crazy stats for qbs. I already had a drafted qb who was in his 3rd year at 93 ovr bandy for over 6k yards and 60+ tds in a season.

It's could could could cause you simmed aswell instead of playing, took over a bare aggregation in a cfm, amateur mlb won amateur and d amateur of year, went to fast afresh superstar progression and went from a low 80's to abreast 95 with the xp now is a 99 and he is the best MLB in the league, bigger than Bobby Wagner and Luke Kuechly.

Just had a guy arise out as a 76 at 21 yrs old. He has 91 THP 81/76/73 for S/M/D. Through 5 amateur because Brady got aching anniversary 1; he has 15 TDs in the air and 7 on the ground.

Also arch the alliance in hasty yards with 797. He is up to an 79 appropriate now but that's because i just upped him from quick to superstar dev and afterwards the blow of the division I am assured him to end his amateur year at an 85 or so.

Yes because you "simmed" the amateur the cpu puts up crazy stats on cheap madden mobile coins alone players, the MLB I was talking about every bold was simmed because the alliance I play in we do not play adjoin cpu teams instead the aggregation takes a sim loss.

The aggregation we 1-15 and now has the best MLB in the bold on it. I took the aggregation over at the end of the approved season.