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I accept been watching the NFL and as I watch I agenda the stats that arise up that should be(and a lot of acclimated to be) in Madden games.

Comeback Wins for QB

You apperceive the carbon they appearance if the aggregation gets the brawl in the 4th Quarter and they are losing.

*Record as Starter for QB * Maybe bandy that into the addition for the QB on the aboriginal drive

Defensive Burden Stats

In NFL this about shows up several times during the bold to appearance how the arresting burden is either accepting to or not accepting to the QB

Average Starting Acreage Position

Offensive Leaders of the Bold *Typically shows up at the alpha of the 3rd Quarter. Abiding they appearance some accepting in the Halftime show...but that appearance is so bad I skip it 99% of the time.

*QB/RB/WR Comparision *I accept apparent this arise up every already and awhile. But it should arise up every game

What stats do see in absolute NFL amateur that you ambition in Madden. And yeah PLAYOFF STATS!!!!! :)

Weekly wrapup show...

And Can't cut players on my convenance squad? I'm in year three of my CFM and there are 4 players that, no bulk what I do, consistently yield up a atom on my convenance squad.

I've approved acid them, and even trading them, but they are all accept 3-4 years acquaintance and will not go away. Has anyone had this issue? Is there a fix?

I've got acceptable account and bad news.

Good news: Already you cut them, they're cut. They don't calculation adjoin your convenance band size, accession aggregation can assurance them, etc.

Bad News: They will be arresting on your convenance band appearance FOR EVER. Behindhand of who signs them, if they try to retire, etc. Doesn't matter. They will appearance up in your convenance band view, and the bold will let you cut them afresh and again. Don't do that.

Same affair is accident to me amphitheatre as the Browns. Mine is all busted up says I alone accept 27 players on the agenda in chiral trade, can't cut these guys and if I try to play a bold it says I accept 2 too abounding players and charge to cut them afore I can play a game.

Also it auto cut 3 players I in actuality capital to accumulate even admitting I had it set to manual. No abstraction wtf is traveling on but it's absolute annoying not to be able to abide this franchise.

I accept two CBs, a WR and a HB that will not go away. I aswell had the affair area the chiral barter awning said I alone had 43 players...I messed with the settings admitting and anchored it somehow.

I could cut them and save the cap space, and I could aswell get the calculation right; they just kept assuming up on my convenance band and demography up space.

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