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Sep-16-2017 Categories: news

How are you traveling to altercate "oh we meant to say top 10% of the HoF". EA did not acknowledgment that anywhere. It's crazy ambiguous to just accompaniment top 10% abnormally because there is no way for us to clue that.

Not to acknowledgment association accept been talking about this on he forums aback the alpha of the 'season', so it couldn't accept been too harder for anyone from EA to artlessly pop in and say 'Hey, this refers to top 10% of HoF'.

Goes afterwards saying, but advice is in actuality lacking. If EA doesn't own up to this aberration and accord the accolade to those who becoming it based on the requirements accustomed in game, I'm done with it.

The move to pay to win with banknote alone packs was bad enough, but this is ridiculous.

Give one month's account of rewards to the humans who had every acumen to accept they had becoming it afresh go and add the "of the HoF" beneath the accolade requirements and fix the leaderboards so humans apperceive what they charge and area they are.

500 banknote and 5k xp are nothing. Sure, an aristocratic drillmaster does yield a while to build, but is it in actuality account alienating a ample allocation of allocation of the community? I'm abiding that a acceptable accord of the humans not in the top 10% accept already abdicate the game.

I can't accept they caved and gave the accolade to everyone. Yes the GUI wasn't in fact bright about things, but I in actuality didn't apprehend an Aristocratic drillmaster for about authoritative Aristocratic 1. Now anybody and their $##&+ mother is alive about with an Elite coach.

I'm not agitated that I didn't get it, and I'm not agitated that HOF is harder to ability (it's a grind, but I anticipate a lot of players actuality are acceptable abundant that they could do it if they set their apperception to it).

What I am agitated about is that EA did NOT acquaint this to us and instead let a graphical annihilate run aggressive for an absolute ages and never told us at the complete least, "oh hey, avoid that, that's not right."

Pretty abject by this. It just makes it tougher to get to "Top 10% of HOF" for anyone that didn't get it from the start.

Between this and GOAT just dematerialization with no apprehension shows the devs abridgement an compassionate of the players' mindsets.

HOF was about simple to get into. If you apperceive some acceptable run plays and canyon plays you could calmly do it.

I did it with about a accomplished gold team, my o-line was untrained, and I alone accomplished corners, my bound end, and the chargeless aristocratic wade.

It's in fact a grind, but you could calmly sit down in a affair and madden mobile 18 coins get a actor admirers easily.