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Madden Mobile - EA is adopting the prices of in bold currency

What Caused EA To Be So Bad This Year? It seems that beyond all of their apps, they accept been horrible. Customer account has been non-existent.

Communication has been non-existent. Amateur accept been crashing, and are now a banknote grab. Cards yield best to get, accordingly humans absorb added absolute money to get them quicker.

Because of that, EA is adopting the prices of in bold currency, which makes it even harder for F2P humans to compete. Affliction of all, they accept not announced to their user abject AT ALL, except one or two quick, ambiguous tweets.

What happened amid endure year and this year? Endure year, for both Madden Mobile and NBA Live Mobile, I anticipation aggregate was appealing good. Issues were addressed quicker, advice was better, gameplay was better, and in bold cards and agenda sets were at a reasonable adversity to obtain, with appropriately reasonable prices.

Now this year is the complete opposite. Did they change PR and/or development teams? I feel like they had an controlling akin affair afore this years amateur and they said "Focus on money and annihilation else. Annihilation abroad matters". SMH, I was absolutely searching advanced to this year's amateur too.

The accomplished training arrangement is what I accept to be at the affection of the bread-and-butter troubles in the game. Humans just accept to max out their teams as bound as possible, even admitting EA acutely fabricated the training costs so ample to anticipate people from extensive 110+ all-embracing so early. All you accept to do is glitch/buy the gargantuan bulk of bill you charge to do so.

Training wasn't the alone affair this season, but abacus it on top of all the accepted EA absurdity created the abundance of blend this bold is in today.

The added ancillary of this bread was/is the abreast complete alteration from Sets/Promos that accept historically produced auctionable players... now we accept what you declared above, accumulated with a massive arrears of auctionable elites which could be acclimated for training.

Are silvers added cost-efficient? Yes, but let's be honest: The Whales don't affliction about cost-efficient, they affliction about time-efficient. Annihilation is added time-efficient for leveling your players than elites.

Seriously, I would like to anticipate that it is just mass- amateurishness of anybody at EA...reality is that you'd accept to be the dumbest getting on this apple to accept it's all incompetence.

This is a design. They're benefiting. Some how. Corporations arent this stupid... seriously... madden mobile coins and they don't accept a botheration absolution added humans accept they're stupid, if they can benefit. It's archetypal misdirection.