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Aug-10-2017 Categories: news

Graphics acquire never been the affair for me. Madden 17 was admirable from that standpoint. My issue(s) acquire been this:

Watching all 5 of my abhorrent lineman yield the aforementioned action and Madden Mobile Coins run 20 yards down the acreage on a HB screen, alone for a bend to accouterment my RB 5 yards abaft the band of flat because they didn't accident attack to block anybody.

Watching a 65overall amateur QB bake my accessory for 350 yards and 4 TDs with a 85% antagonism percentage.

Watching Darren Sprolls barter over my MLB.

Watching my 6'6 TE lose a jumpball to Eli Apple (I'm still agitated about this one, Chad).

I could go on and on.

Guard and centermost bifold aggregation the Dt and let the mlb abstract you up in the backfield. Eh, that's something that does appear irl though, bifold teams can be catchy if there is an accomplished LB who can time the breeze and shoot the gap.

But I accept it happens too abundant with abrade players.

Well all those things could appear In complete life. It's the amateur rubberbanding debris aggravating to accumulate amateur afterpiece than they should be( except accepting torched by abrade qbs That's just bad ai).

I can actually accede with that, all-madden is about unplayable because of it. Amateur sizes accept awe-inspiring for some reason.

Also graphically it looks accept for the a lot of allotment but some locations looked REALLY not good... Like the pats candidly looked abhorrent for some reason?

Uh...anybody abroad complete underwhelmed? I in actuality saw a archetype and adhesive of one of the animations from NCAA Football 14. This is LITERALLY four year old bits accepting presented as if it were cast new. Ugh. Somebody abroad has to buy the authorization (NOT EXCLUSIVELY) from the NFL if this accord expires.

Exclusivity isn't the problem. The botheration is that it belongs to EA. I acquire actually no botheration with them churning out a new NFL bold every year. I'm affairs the bold anyway, Madden Mobile Coins buy and their advance of the bold is neither absolutely or negatively affecting that.