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Since it's still broadly believed acceleration caps at 100, the best aspect to go for in WRs is acme IMO. Bet you don't say that afterwards accepting best off by renfro.

Why wouldn't I? The abandoned way to accept any array of advantage over CBs in this bold is to accept a alpine WR. Accepting best off by Renfro wouldn't change my assessment any added than it was afflicted by Jaylen Hill pick's beforehand in the season.

No I was aggravating to say as you play seems like my 113 ovr Carmichael still gets his ass handed to him abysmal even admitting he has 8" on a lot of corners. If Ed Reed and Eric Allen on him abysmal streaks he should get it every time.

Passing success depends on your timing forth with the randomness of the defenses play. Some wrs assume to play bigger than others.

An example, Superbowl cooks 109 ovr and max calvin. Calvin dropps passes if geys hit by top all-embracing safety.

Also on h2h all Madden he gets beneath than 50% streaks. Cooks baleful deep. Why is this. Cooks aswell blocks far and abroad bigger than calvin.

With all that's in the cipher for this bold do you in fact acquisition afterwards the years Madden been Mobile that there is any affirmation acme or weight a agency in accept success?

Was there anytime a account from ea that players acme and weight ARE factors in play? If so these new fable guards would get buttery by the aegis aback a lot of are far bigger.

Lot of users anticipate to abundant about this bold and I'm aggravating to help. It's Mobile and far added simple than console.

It has annihilation to do with there accepting any array of coding on EA's part? It's advantageous to accept a alpine WR artlessly because his amateur archetypal is taller than the CB arena model.

It's the abandoned advantage you can attending for in a WR alfresco of maybe avenue animate or CTE aback acceleration caps at 100 (allegedly).

As to why your Carmichael isn't assuming like you'd like, I accept no idea, but he has performed awfully for me. You adeptness try him at accession WR position.

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