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I am in a affiliated franchise, and I traded for Christian McCaffery afterwards accepting Joe Mixon already as a starter.

I was acquisitive to use accumulation subs to put CMC in the aperture or at fullback with altered packages, but allegedly that’s not possible.

Is there any playbook area I can get both RBs on the acreage together? It seems like a huge blemish not to be able to sub in a RB at a altered position because the Panthers do this with McCaffery all of the time.

Make your own playbook. And alarm plays by accumulation so you can sub mccaffrey into the slot. Aswell from acquaintance if the sliders are 200% or aloft I'd barter mixon.

Mccaffrey gets so bashed afterwards a year of training the man is about a glitch of cheap madden mobile coins.

I was cerebration I adeptness barter Mixon as well. I'd like to accumulate both if I could use them, but it's allegedly a bigger action in complete activity than in Madden.

West bank playbook is the complete best for 2 or added humans in the aback field.

And I've been arena on Authorization with a Qb and a drillmaster for 10 years and their not even sniffing the Hall Of Fame. Just for some bend here's about their career stats.

QB- SuperBowl Champion, 50,000+ yards passing, 300+ casual td's, assorted MVPs, 7-8 Pro Bowls, Assorted Best Qb awards.

Coach- 4 Superbowls, 130+ wins, Assorted Drillmaster of the year awards. Despite this both are beneath 2,000 legacy.

Does anyone apperceive a way to addition their bequest points? I just don't accept why this accomplishments that in the complete NFL would beggarly aboriginal election Hall of Fame in Madden 18 are nothing.

Is there a way to ahead your receiver from barrier out of bound while he's communicable a pass? Is that something accidental or am I just throwing the canyon and incorrectly?

It'll be a ambit of things brother, itll be awareness, catching, the accomplishment in bound catch, bend of the throw, avenue and acceleration of ball.

Not accessible at all! Apologetic but id say convenance acreage run a bend avenue play and hust convenance blow assurance or bullets angles etc!

Throwing the brawl has been emphasised a lot on this Madden so QB convenance is important.

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