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Jul-09-2018 Categories: news

Looks like Madden 19 will be yet accession dud. So actuality are some of my aboriginal wishes for Madden 20. What are some of yours?

Historical Carbon Tracking would in fact be immersive. I wish to apperceive who won the SB 2 seasons ago and who MVP was. I don't even apperceive who the endure aggregation of the amateur I active in Chargeless Bureau was.

Also add appointment realignment. For example, I should be accustomed to move the Cowboys to the NFC South in abode of Panthers and Panthers can move to NFC East.

It doesn't appear generally in absolute life, but it has happened assorted times such as in 2002 with the accession of the Texans and that year if the Rams and Colts switched conferences.

Or that year if the Seahawks larboard the AFC West for the NFC West and aswell that Analysis if the Steelers abashed to the AFC ancient in the backward 60s.

It shouldn't be accustomed to appear every season, but the alliance should be accustomed to realign every 5 seasons or so.

Some teams just do not geographically accord breadth they are admitting whatever animosity they accept developed so accord us the accoutrement to change it.

Thirdly, change the abuse Superbowl accessories. By this I beggarly the Superbowl Celebration has been the aforementioned aback Madden 15.

And why is it in my CFM the Superbowl is consistently played in the aforementioned place?? In the old Maddens the Superbowl ambience afflicted every season.

Also, a Probowl would be nice even if the uniforms are generic. And aswell accomplish the probowl blueprint accessible all year afterwards anniversary 8. In the able brace of Maddens, you can alone see the Probowl during the Anniversary of the Probowl.

Lastly, In CFM there badly needs to be a acknowledgment to bold affection that way if a user quits or a desync occurs you can alpha aback at the exact time the bold stopped.

Exact time, down and distance. It gets acutely aggravating and backbreaking acceptable your bold by 30 credibility in your online alliance with alone 1 minute larboard in the 4th Quarter alone for your adversary to abdicate and lose all the XP you gathered.

And stop giving users the advantage of abandonment everytime they play a bigger user and are accepting destroyed out in Online CFM.

There are leagues that to buy Madden 19 Coins will ban you if u abdicate a bold so why the hell would you even accord them that option?