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Jun-08-2018 Categories: news

I ahead Madden is able-bodied abaft for a lot of appearance in their Authorization mode.

Here's what I'm seeing humans ambition to add or get rid of and what I would like to:

1, Please add coordinators. We all would adulation position coaches, but I ahead we apperceive that's not happening. Coordinators could at atomic add an added band of abysm to the game.

2, Overhaul the coaching. Head coaches in this bold in actuality beggarly nothing. Besides accepting some added aloof points, there is no incentive, advantage, or disadvantage to accepting a new coach.

3, Add new positions. In actuality aperture receiver and aperture cornerback. They've become positions of their own. I would aswell like to see a continued snapper added, but that's not air-conditioned important.

4, New arrangement options and redoing the arrangement agreement process. Frankly, it's arid and sucks a lot compared to 2K. No options to foreground bulk or ashamed bulk contracts. Abridgement of no barter clauses. Spice it up some.

5, Please, for the adulation of all that is holy, change the affectation for franchise. It's looked the aforementioned for the accomplished four games. We see the aforementioned tweets and aforementioned abstract scenarios every time. It's appealing abhorrent and beeline up lazy.

6, Accomplish the ratings in actuality matter. If a receiver has a 99 bolt rating, they apparently shouldn't be bottomward three passes every game. If my superstar 90+ all-embracing active ashamed has 99 carrying, why does he bollix six times a year?

I apperceive apparently not even bisected of these will be added, but Madden needs to footfall it up.

Custom abstract classes is a nice accession that will draw humans in to accept approaching abstract classes added Madden 19 Coins, but I still feel like we deserve added than what we've been accepting the accomplished few years.