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Jul-06-2018 Categories: news

NoJo Sports is an animate sim community/league(s) that accept been about aback Madden 10. This will be our 10th Madden in operation. We are currently animate on XB1 for Madden 19 (Madden 19 Coins). We recruit dedicated, complete associates that acknowledge a simulation play style.

We are currently alms two leagues, the aboriginal capital basal is our 32 user fantasy drafted league. Our accessory alliance is approved rosters. We don't acquiesce bifold alliance acceptance afterwards appropriate permission. In both leagues they are sim play-style and we beforehand every 3.5 canicule unless all amateur are already completed. We do advance that agenda at the end of the season.

For teh fantasy drafted league, abstract appearance is required. We apprehend to alpha it as a rolling abstract about August 11th and aces as humans are able. The abounding abstract would go Live August 18th. Except to be there at atomic 6 hours on the 18th.

Some final addendum of absorption on the league: We awful advance the GroupMe appliance for advice and is appropriate to be in the league.

We about run our own off-season and chargeless bureau system, breadth in analysis chargeless bureau aces ups are done via the abandonment system. Off-season chargeless agents is about done in an bargain architecture and is absolute festive. Anniversary Team would accept a basin of money that they can abound during the analysis by accepting animate ias able-bodied as agreement affable wagers on games.

The alliance maintains a barter board which can be alleged aloft to aphorism on "questionable" searching trades to ensure that no Team is accepting ripped off.

The alliance is absolute affable of new associates and accessible to those still acquirements the ropes or adulatory to become bigger players. You do not allegation to be an all-star to accept fun in this league.

If you adjudge to accompany us amuse leave a column in our sign-up cilia at nojosports.com and an admin Team affiliate will get to you shortly. You can aswell adeptness me anon on xbox beneath Gamertag, Headstrong.